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Ashley, iheartmedia dot com. Make sure you right in what you're dressing up as in who you're going with her Halloween. And then I have a question as a twenty nine year old male. What is my role like what do I do on Halloween pass pass out candy? I can't like dress up and go to a party. And of course, if you're invited to a Halloween party this happen. Yes. Friends, not look at the internet wells, and Sarah Hyland, just a Taco Bell. And they're like everywhere everywhere. Yeah. But they're like celebrities and stuff. Hey, Joshua Albers. He got married this weekend. Jared. I wanted to go to the wedding, but it would have been our third straight wedding. You're just like we can't fly to third straight wedding. Yeah. I wanted to go to I added this retreat, and I couldn't make it. I I was sad. I haven't seen Josh longtime us give. It really is. Here's my question. We gotta bring Josh on at some point I want everybody's opinion out there. So he's now married. So I looked his Instagram today. I was actually looking at wedding pictures when I was on the flight or just once they've posted and people have Tagamet he's still has in his profile bachelorette season eleven is it time to take that down. Once you get married. Thoughts question or do you keep it up? I like, hey at one point in my life. I was on the show. I don't think there's an issue either way. It's whatever you decide Yeah. I I just just saw. thought. So I sit out to me bachelorettes. He's eleven you're married now, maybe maybe change that to like married. Anyway. We are bringing on one of our favorite segments. It's been consistent. It's two years in the making. It's two years in the running. The who the heck are you segment? Two year running with Joe Higgins. Kelly. Joe Higgins, who the heck are you? Well, I me here the one that called me for crying out loud. Kelly name we could be cousins. Yeah. I wonder that's what I was going to get to here. We're gonna we're gonna talk about family, and grandparents and uncles and see if we can make a connection Kelly. Joe we do a segment on this podcast called who the heck are you from people that have been on the show from years past up, please give our audience a little rundown of how they would know you where they could watch your season. And what happened on your season? Well, if they have a VHS tape they'll be able to play back our old curriculum season. I was one of the finalists on Bob Guineas on season. And yes years ago. I was in. Yeah. A fear twenty three year old and I feel like I'm like a bachelor grandma compared to you guys right now. But on our theme in I was the finalists. So he's the one that gave me the however in the end. No, she. Yeah. And he goes es della beautiful fella, and the I became a part of the bachelor a love. But you know, we weren't even in a d for crying out loud. Though. I we're all your name is Kelly. Joe when you watch Bob Guiney season we had to go back and pull ups and tape killer joker harp. Now in the world. You say you made name phonetic, it's cool Harsken to her sqi. And then one of our listeners as a big fan of yours. She wrote us an Email and said, hey, could you bring in Kelly Joe Higgins to the podcast to hear what she's doing in life? So you have a fan base that still last today. Congrats. That's fine. I'll tell her. Thank you. Oh, she's probably listening. I'm assuming but I guess there is no relation between your husband who is a hockey player. Matthew Higgins to Ben Ben Higgins, right here. No relation. No, probably not. I don't think..

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