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Of a threat that's going to be there than than waiting down the road and and obviously you know it's gonna take some getting used to with him to wear the mask you know the goggles but you're you kind of seen the history different guys have had it i mean richard hamilton just kept it right he kept it his whole right the rest of his career and played with it and so you know for 'em beat at the very least he's gonna he's going to have that protection here to the rest of these playoffs mode we're talking about guys coming back from injury steph curry still out for the golden state warriors with that knee what's the update on him and what can we possibly see him in this playoffs well the warriors are hoping they can close this out in game four and then have a rest period here before they've got to play again but the hope is ben that he could be back for the second round there had been some thought within the warriors i was told if they had to go to a gave six or a game seven against the spurs if somehow the spurs were able to to push them you know he could have conceivably have played in the series but you know as you've seen so far they haven't needed them they're not going to need him and in the end he'll get what's likely going to be like a full the full balance of of rehab rest you know of of six weeks on that on that knee before he has to come back eight or more with us our nba insider taking a look at what was going on so far in the nba playoffs look i do love the spice that we've seen so far with this heat and the sixers series look i it's it's i don't think either of us really expect or maybe we do expect the sector to be a full play for the eastern conference final but in an early round series like just a little give and take in little little bad blood this is sort of exactly what you're looking for yeah this is a great test for sixers team that hasn't been in the playoffs before they've got some veterans who've been there but what miami is going to.

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