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'cause i just thought it says we were talking about the commentators because that was just hilarious. I personally felt siham ponca accommodating yet a love it it love. It's a great edition honestly. It's a great addition. I love the fact that i love the fact that if we don't get see on punk then we get ricky starks. Who's coming into his own on color. Commentating was was be true. He is starting to come into his own. And i think the more repetition The batter that ito he can you know he. But he's gel and he's gelling pretty good with the guys when he is doing the color commentator and everything remember ricky starks we normally hear Or rampage where. He's another one that you know we give him his props. He's coming along as well I'm sure he would admit you know. Obviously you're still a lot to learn. You know it's not quite the same as what you're doing in the ring and everything but you know he's brothers coming along and i like what i'm hearing of him Jerko sometimes we get jericho. So i mean. I like how we're doing this continuing series of special guest commentators are rampage and dynamite. I love it more. Please keep it coming is all. I have to say seriously. i loved that. So miami florida your here for dynamite. Nice good why. how crowd. great infectious crowd. I gotta say the energy that they were bringing in Forties past two shows loved. It loved it when you get a nice good white house crowd Like that they really helped make the show magical. They helped make the show bad ass. Malachi black taken on dante martin v man. The way. I pictured this match playing out in my mind when i first heard that these guys were going to be locking up i'm going does gonna instant classic instant classic and you know what it did. Not disappoint whatsoever. It did not disappoint whatsoever. I knew this match was not gonna be a squash match. I knew this was going to be very competitive. Especially from the standpoint of how complimentary a lot of Podcasters were of the work of dante. Martin that we've seen in recent weeks and how. Hey you know give this young brothers some more opportunities here you know as far as being a a homegrown original. Aws superstar you. You definitely got something here with dante. Martin put him more on dynamite in rampage. Elevate guy I love the fact that they put him in this spot here with malachi black and the way these guys were just going in here beaten the living crap out of each other. I was eating this up now. Look i i never did believe the martin was gonna win.

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