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Florida last night between the socialist Andrew gillum, and in the Republican Ron to Santa shirt, Ron right here on this program on Friday. So you've got that going for you, which is nice. And we also we also have the I guess the NFL players are not mad at each other. Over the weekend. I don't watch the NFL. Haven't watched it in three seasons. Now except for the Super Bowls. Is it true that that one player was mad at another player because the other player was wasn't kneeling down anymore? I don't know if it's this. Yeah. But I don't know if there's one hundred percent that. Another beef. We'd between these two now it has to deal with them. But I think it has to do overall because I guess he was calling him a sell out. And I don't know if. Michael jenkins? Can't remember his name? Jenkins. Michael though, somebody Jenkins. I so I I don't know if he is the head of of he has Anthony with the players union necessarily. But I think he's Malcolm Jenkins. You're right. And so I guess he's been doing south and helping out I guess his either charities our communities or stuff for the NFL and that other guy. Eric. I would I would know his name. Yeah. Somebody read. I think it's Eric Reed. He was one of the first guy. He was calling Kabir Knicks teammate on the forty Niners back in the back wing, cholera cabernet coastal there. And he just recently got signed with Carolina. So it's pretty interesting that he's saying and do what he's doing considering. You just got. Let's let's let's talk about what this whole kneeling is supposed to be about. Now you and I might disagree and a lot of people listening and watching my disagree. But I'm gonna tell you what capper Nick said it was about when he first did it again he didn't start kneeling. You started sitting then ended up kneeling later 'cause it was more demonstrative or something that other people started kneeling to he said it was because he wasn't going to stand for the flag the anthem for a country that that that killed innocent black men, and and put people on administrative leave with pay or something. He's problem was that he believes weren't oppressive country where police officers suit up every day and go to work looking to kill a black guy. That's that's what he wants us to believe. And he wants us to believe he's starting kneeling because of that. Now, there are plenty of side stories that he's dating some woman who's a radical lefty, maybe maybe a Muslim should give me a Muslim or not not be radical. But allegedly she a Muslim gotten his ear. Here's a guy that was raised in the suburbs by a white family. He was adopted. Here's a guy that was always unabashed about as Christianity doesn't talk about that much anymore. He takes pictures with people like, Linda Sarsour. So Colin Kaepernick is either ignorant or he's just not somebody who likes the country, it's one or the other. But he also started doing this when he was benched he wasn't doing this. When he was the starting quarterback for the for the San Francisco forty Niners walked away from a contract worth ten ten million or eleven million dollars a year. And then he turned down another contract with another another team the Denver Broncos. He's pretending like he's being blacklisted or blackballed of the NFL. But let's wipe all that away. Let's say that he was really he really his heart and soul decided he was going to kneel because. Ause? He thought that there was something unjust happening in the community between the black community black neighborhoods, and the police let's take him at his word that that's what his problem was and polo creepy wrong here, you know, more at the NFL than not paying attention to it. But the NFL as far as I understand has dedicated and promised a hundred million dollars to make things better between the police and communities and for so-called, social Justice. That is the number right? It's one hundred million dollars. Yeah. So the NFL steps up and says, all right? We hear you. We would like for you to stand up and show respect for the flag for those who have died defending the flag, and what it symbolizes and for the national anthem. We'd like you to stand up. We will give you one hundred million dollars toward your protests of worked. We'll give you a hundred million. Here's a hundred million dollars. And let's start working on this problem. Let's get back to playing football and stop the whole dealing stuff. So the one guy read tells guy Jenkins who stopped kneeling, I guess he's standing now and read is still kneeling because he's an idiot idiot. Rina's Matt Jenkins for saying. All right. The hundred billion dollars sounds good. Let's make that happen. Let's fix the problem. We've been saying there there is. Reid is Matt Jenkins for saying. Thank you for stepping up hearing, our protests and doing the right thing. Read just wants to continue kneeling do I have it right polo? He's calling him a sell out because he actually said well, thank you for stepping up hearing, our protests and doing what we believe to be the right thing. Right. That is what happened right? He's calling him sell out because he's actually not feeling anymore because the NFL stepped up and said, we'll do something. Protests about if it wasn't about about fixing whatever they thought the problem was that's what they're trying to do. Or you gonna say. Pretty much he's accusing him of basically taking the money from the NFL. And then not right. Yeah. I guess basically shutting up now. Well, I guess here's a simple to you told me this every day. I'm a simpleton. What exactly is it that you kneeling about then if it's not about solving a problem, whether a figment of your imagination a real problem, if it's not about solving that then what is it about just to get a camera trained on you? While you deal is it so that you can wear a Fidel Castro shirt to a press conference after the game. Like capper Nick did holding up on high a murderous dictator and Cuba's Fidel Castro. What is this actually about is it about just getting attention is it about tweets is it about re tweets what's it about? It's not about solving the problem. Now if you want to solve the problem. And you want to kneel or protest or do what you think will help to bring the solution. Although I disagree with you when you claim this is the problem. You at least should have an end game. You at least should say this is what will stop me from meeting. Now, if you're gonna kneel forever because you think that the country was founded by bad guys, and it can never be a good country at unless we hand every black person in America million dollars or something we can never ever make up for slavery. If you're that guy, then you're never going to stop kneeling. There's nothing that can happen to fix whatever your issues. But if you truly wanted some sort of an end game, if you truly wanted some way to say my kneeling my protesting, my my raising my voice by being silent. Or whatever has achieved something what does that look like? I guess a better question to ask. The question is what do you want? Because what you're doing is disrespectful. It's america. It's the entire freedom and liberty your same tight military type police. So what is it you want to stop being that guy? And if you can never stop being that guy that I'm never coming back to the NFL. And when I say, I I mean, the millions of men and women and children who've decided not to watch your day because you're a bunch of jerks that don't even have any clue why you're doing it. If you're arguing with a guy who is satisfied with one hundred million dollars towards solving the problem. They don't know what you don't have a solution in your mind to whatever it is that your problem happens to be today. Eight eight eight nine four one eight eight nine four one seven two four seven on this program. It'll be Andrew Pollock. We'll talk about the the debate in Florida for governor in that happened last night to Santa's versus Gillam lot of real insight came out of that. I saw a guy on the left the socialist who first of all has been coached a lot like many on the left had been now as to what to say when you attack your opponent also has been coached into not answering questions the guy, I believe showed himself to not be somebody who can be the governor of Florida. But we'll talk about that. We'll also have on the program Brigitte Gabrielle about the caravan of people heading north. It's two to five thousand people. Now, what do we do? What can we do? What's the law and much more? Oh, we've got that. Plus, David Hogg, one of the survivors there were well over thousand survivors there. But for some reason why hear about the three Emma Gonzalez saw Cameron Caspian and David hug, he said for some reason he was in Vermont doesn't live. Varies from Florida. He has connections in California doesn't live in Vermont. But he was there along with Emma Gonzales, and he actually said that the killer and parkland in MSG hospital in Portland, he actually said the guy was a law abiding gun owner, make sure that you hear what I just said he actually said that guy was a law abiding gun owner. That's it's a flat out lie, and he has to know that. So we talk about that as well. Lots going on eight eight eight nine four one pags joepags dot com. Stay writer..

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