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We need to get rid of his statement and then that the governor always taken that talk to think about it and then they'll go back to the is. It's too late. Yeah that does happen. Learning running same sorrow no. You're right also you know what's dragging off. Yeah you know what's while about all these movies is like demons. Do these things. Like like the conjuring to when the priest is like holding the cross and he starts bending his fingers all the way back or when you see all these exorcisms and their arms contorted ways that aren't possible but then like when the exorcism is over their arms aren't broken and you're like yeah your arms be totally broken like how did the demon make it so that you had that level of flexibility wild. Yeah okay so the course. The cursive la your own. Ah this is the one the people debate as to whether or not it's really part of the universe. Because there's not that much conjuring mythology with it. But i'll tell you why definitely is first of all this one takes place in one thousand nine hundred seventy three. So this is this is gonna flip you out drake. okay technically. This happens between conjuring one and conjuring to by my math. So it's a sequel to every movie that we've discussed so far except it's a prequel to conjuring to okay right. Okay all right all right so desires the defeo does it is bullet for the veils before the fire before the right because the conjuring to starts at the end of the fails right. Yes yes so. I believe this would be before right before the defense but the warriors also not involved in this at all so you know the idea that. How can they be have so much free time that they could do all these. They didn't do this at all. This is actually the only thing that draws this in. it's basically the curse of law your own. Ah is this a curse this this believe it or not. It's a demon and it's a demon of Of this woman way way way hundreds of years ago who drowned her kids and then killed herself and so What she's working on doing now as the demon drowning other kids you know killing other kids. You know she's She's a haunting people in trying to kill their kids and whatnot so they gotta call somebody in. And who do they call in the same father the same priest. That's the movies specifically in the annabelle movie. There is a priest that at one point takes possession of annabel the doll and he set you and i go okay well. Is this supposed to be the exact same priests or is it the same actor and this. This is the the one thing that i think. Unless i'm missing something that makes this movie conjuring movie he goes like this. Oh yeah there was. A case of a haunted doll reminds me of this. And i go there. It is full. There is same guy. Yeah it's it's in. It's in so you know i mean it. It's it's a. It's another demon haunting house movie. But it happens to just exist in the same world as all these other conjuring movies but beyond that it doesn't it doesn't add to the mythos. It's not a bad movie at all. It's actually pretty good. Linda cardellini in it. She's great but there's no other story elements so you know if you're trying to save time and just need to get filled in on the whole universe. I mean if you're curious about what the what the father from annabel. And i think he might pop up in conjuring to maybe doesn't i don't remember courteous about what that guys up to then. Yes cursive lie your own. Ah is helpful so you know you be the judge on that one. We got two left next. One came out in two thousand nine hundred. Nineteen this one. Right after conjuring one before lion after conjuring one annabel comes home. Annabel comes home now for me. I'm not a huge fan of this one. I feel like this wasn't there's just not maybe as much depth in this one as there wasn't some of the other movies like this. This is more a straight up kind of scares horror movie. you know. i think it's just you're you're just in it for the jump scares and stuff like that. But what happened. And i forgot to tell you to in conjuring to that's where we also get to meet the crooked man in the music. Box the crooked man because you know i'm jumping ahead of myself but the non is supposed to be getting another movie and the crooked man is also getting his own movie as well. Those are both supposed to be coming out as part of so. We're gonna get to ten for sure but not tonight. So annabel comes home. Basically we do. See the warren's in this one this is i. this is the. I think the only spin off. That's not call the conjuring that the warrens are in. But they're only in the beginning and end. It's kind of brilliant movie. Because they take the elements that they've established and all these conjuring movies and they just make a kind of cheesy teen horror movie with those elements and also. I think this is a movie about planting the seeds for as many other movies as humanly possible. The premise is.

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