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For the Democrats I tell you what folks there is no doubt in my mind that the Democrats has made a huge mistake trying to impeach the president in one of the big problems that they have is that they've been screaming trying to impeach the president since day one since before he even took the oath of office and so it's not a real surprising to me we're starting to see this everywhere now this is from the daily wire headline tide turning on impeachment is democratic congresswoman slips he or she says I don't see the value of kicking the president's out of office now what's fascinating about this is that she was for impeachment before she was against it she is a Democrat representative Brenda Lawrence out of Michigan and I love what she has to say here it's fascinating she is now changed her mind because of the fact that she is now seen the polls and as we all know the polls show that this president should not be impeached now if you hate president trump if you absolutely I pour his very existence then yeah you want to see him impeached if you are a conservative then no you don't want to see the president impeached it is those folks in the middle of the the independence these are the people that the Democrats really need to be worrying about that we've seen a couple of different polls I know that you've been hearing about them and they show that independence don't think these impeachment hearings went very well for the Democrats and so this so representative this Democrat brand of Lawrence she claims now that the polls are turning against the Democrats and now she says that she doesn't see the value of removing the president from office now she earlier beat her Republican opponent by sixty four points in two thousand eighteen and she tells the no B. S. newshour with Charlie let die off that she no longer thought the impeachment was a good idea I think about this how ludicrous is that sound where she was for it until she saw the polls so you're telling me that it's not because of the evidence that you've seen or the testimony that you've heard no it's all about the polls so basically what she's doing she's you know looking her finger and sticking it up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing this is why people hate politics so now you can start to feel the back pedal now you can start to hear the back panel saying you can censure but you don't have to remove the president Lawrence said we are so close to an election yeah that's a we've all been saying let the people decide she says we're so close to an election I will tell you sitting here knowing how divided this country is I don't see the value of kicking the president out of office but I do see the value of putting down a marker saying his behavior is not acceptable now when I saw that quote I thought it was interesting because I would have to ask the question of Brenda Lawrence democratic a representative I would say what what what part of the president's behavior was not acceptable and why is it you want to censure now as opposed to impeach because it seems to me like you Democrats amid trying to impeach the president literally from day one there's so much insurance this one story she says yeah I want to censure I wanted on the record let the house of representatives did their job now let's just pause right there in twenty eighteen the blue wave happened in all these Democrats were rushed into office you know what they were looking for you know what they ran on you know with Brenda Lawrence ran on impeachment show she says I want it on the record that the house of representatives did their job okay so you promised impeachment it ain't gonna happen so that's one epic fail you're on your part your your part now thank the lord that the president is not in my opinion going to be in page because I think that would be a disaster for American but I'm just with thing off of her words and pointing out the lunacy of this Democrat representative Brenda Lawrence she wants it on the record that the house of representatives did their job okay that's number two so you are going to be unsuccessful in impeachment at least in my opinion well then what else did you accomplish that's what I would also ask representative Lawrence because clearly you did not do the job of the American people you have been able to get nothing done in the last two years absolutely nothing and the error the American people are going to recognize that the American people are going to realize that the Democrats have been screaming about about impeachment since day one and so now what's going to happen to me I believe what's going to happen he is it is absolutely going to backfire on the Democrats the Democrats of course as we all know earlier today they announced that they're going to send their articles of impeachment over the judiciary council committee and they will draw them up officially and also goes to the Senate where it will no doubt I die a hopefully not so fast death and here's what I mean by that there there's there's this this debate going on as to whether or not the Senate should just kill these things right away the articles of impeachment or if they should have a huge trial now here's what I think and yours is what you think eight six six nine oh seven thirty three thirty nine it is eight six six ninety right I what do you think I believe that it's good for the Senate to take up these articles of impeachment let the light shine on this incredibly flimsy evidence that the Democrats have tried to impeach the president on see that's what I think I think and I just play do the audio I believe that these Democrats have so little to go one they are insulting the intelligence of you they are insulting the intelligence of the American people and so while you have you know pencil neck Adam Schiff in some of these other folks saying yeah you know what easy it's a great day for America we're finally get a hold this president accountable really accountable for what you know one of the questions I keep asking is it's all about this four hundred million dollars there was going to go to Ukraine why are the Democrats is so incredibly committed passionate about making sure that this four hundred million dollars went to a corrupt country she that's the other thing in all this there's so many layers to this and all of these layers point back to this same theme Joe Biden and hunter Biden are corrupt as the day is long how high does it go does it go all the way to a bomb who knows but ultimately this is going to lead in my opinion and there's a lot of other political experts I'm not a political expert folks I'm a talk show host but there's a lot of people that are looking what's happening and they're realizing you know what the Democrats are in a lot of trouble and the reason why the Democrats are a lot of trouble is because they embraced impeachment from the very beginning and what have we been listening to for three years it's been nothing but impeachment with.

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