San Francisco, Donald Trump, North Korea discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


The asia pacific 12 minutes before the top of the hour let's get to san francisco to our newsroom there and our ed baxter as the top stories making headlines at uh right brian thank you and a change of direction you as president trump says north korea should come to the negotiating table south korean president moon who's advocated that in the past says he would like that to happen is also turn course now the the president trump has on a visit to the dmz he had first said he would not visit apparently changed monitor set up a surprise visit now he will not go they say some kind of weather condition trump speaks before the south korean national assembly we shall carry hit the here live here on bloomberg he goes to china than next on the next leg of his trip nor korea meanwhile saying that it will continue to work on its missile and nuclear programmes polling us today new jersey closes top of the hour new york an hour later utah behind that virginia is in just over the screen is just refreshing or thirty percent of the vote in now ed boy the system tight edgar less the republican with forty nine point six percent of the vote ralph north them with forty nine point three percent of the vote this is thought to be some kind of a vote on trump's support in virginia which was a key state in the 2016 election so we will keep up very close eye on that for you global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries in san francisco i'm ed baxter this is bloomberg were ryan sir thank you very much his time now for the daybreak asia paper and tea leaves review and actually mot most of this this is really from a couple of american magazines but let me do this one first from reuters china plans to allow foreign banks to take up to fifty one percent ownership in onshore securities ventures and tie up with local nonfinancial firms.

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