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And provide alternative facilities for students who are uncomfortable with that policy the family dropped the suit in part because the plaintiff feared her identity would be made public virginia governor terry mcauliffe and hillary clinton's brother anthony rodham are being sued by a group of chinese investors the tank money into their company before mcauliffe became governor the lawsuit claims to 32 to chinese investors were promised expedited green cards if they put in a half million dollars a piece into terry mcauliffe's electric car company green tax sanctuary this group invested in mr mcauliffe mr rod and you are promoting their government ties says attorney scotty bullies loss gambles green cards never came they never got their money back and now we believe says greentech is i'm bad it's actually closed its doors don in mississippi call us divested from the company before he ran for governor the sued asked for seventeen million dollars in damages recall a spokeswoman calls the lawsuit baseless steve burns on wmal in wbalcom heads up if you're traveling through baltimore this afternoon the funeral procession for police detective shown suitor who was killed while investigating a murder two weeks ago will be shutting down portions of interstates 95 six 95 in '83 procession is going to be there at the mount pleasant church present radically avenue in baltimore that's going to happen sometime 1230 130 gene rain there's going to be thousands of law enforcement office pay respect maryland state highway spokesman charlie gessler says you can expect major delays dc united set to move into its new stadium in southwest dc next june but it will need to find some other place to play a few home matches to start the season major league soccer's balked at a proposal to play all of united's early games on the road so the teams looking for possible venues including navy marine corps stadium richman city stadium in maryland stadium in college park is unlikely the team will return to our fk where they played for the past twenty two years checking your money the dow opens at three eight thirty six the nasdaq at sixty nine twelve in sports the wizards win without john wall beating the timberwolves georgetown moves to five all with a win over main andy lie manning's two hundred ten game playing streak may be over the giants quarterbacks been bench by coach ben makhadov wmal news time 5 0 for up next traffic.

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