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Only because they're looking out for their own electoral futures trying to win over win over southern votes. Right will because remember. The south is a racial police state. The only way that black people can go into the courthouses as defendants or custodians and so by the time the twentieth century rolls around. The black people have been completely disenfranchised in the south of despite the fact that they're close or more than fifty percent in southern states they have been completely excluded from the political process reinforced by violence. And that means that the white Senators and congressmen stay on these committees for years. They are the dominant political force. And so they have to be appeased to get anything passed so why social security doesn't include domestics and farm workers as to purposely exclude by people. In fact i read the testimony of howard w smith congressman from alexandria. Who said we can't give black people social security because if one sixty five year old black man has the has has a pension. Nobody else in the family will work. So you just keep finding these instances of just grotesque racism That cause much of where we are now. I mean why why is a great migration occur and all black people be the south. It's because of the economic and violence economic lack of economic opportunities education and lynching that forced people leave. So this is who our history is and we'd got to study this so we don't keep doing it. In fact you give a great nutshell of the history. And i'm not going to tell you where because you need to read the book. Don't skip ahead. You write the confederate states of america and those who fought for it refused to accept the results of a democratic election in eighteen sixty. They rebelled against the united states of america to set up a new country founded on the principle of white supremacy to protect and expand the institution of slavery forever then when white southerners lost lee and those who followed him created new ways to install racial control now that we can acknowledge the facts are conversation can be grounded in reality not nethon not ideology and important point to remember is that we don't own the actions of people who lived in the eighteen sixties or the nineteen thirties but we do have a responsibility to acknowledge the past to acknowledge the facts. The past does not have to control us especially if we understand it tie of that first part of that that history that i read particularly the part where though the confederate states of america and those who fought for refused to accept the results of.

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