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And it really won't matter where she wants to go one thing that I never knew. Until researching this film was do you guys know what Sean bean is famous for dyeing in the most movies ever. That is actually. Yes. It's like this big thing that Sean bean dis. Always there are like montages of him dying hundreds of times as so I see Sean beamed across the street. I think he's going to be knocked out almost immediately. By that truck. I'm aware that mean to you know, because I know I'm being from game of thrones. He was one of the main characters early on and died and died. That mean kinda got some feet, and I'm right there with your name like oh boy. Here we go Sean Bean's garner. He wasn't even supposed to be in the movie as much as he was. They finished the script. And basically the husband was left here at the beginning. And they send into the studio and the studios like we're not making this movie. The movie has no men in it. So they went back and added all of Sean bean subplots. But he really does look like one of the most ineffectual worst adoptive father's ever from. Yeah. He's saying that we need to medicate her, and I don't know how their marriages. But a marriage can't be that great. If the conversation goes, I wanna take our daughter to this weird town. No, I won't I'm going to sneak away with the daughter. Well, I'm gonna turn off your credit card. Pretty dick move which raises an issue from me right away because they stopped to get gas. They couldn't get gas. They continue on did you notice where they stop? They stop at this gas station diner. Right. But yet there's this giant blue neon sign. This says tattoos and body piercings. It's a tattoo body. Our gas station diner full of old people. Does it sound like such an uncommon mix? There are some weird way stations in America. I've stopped at a few where they yeah. You could get a lot of things done all at once. Hey, I'm cross country. I need some gas and prince helper. Have you ever been to Shuki? It sounds very much like Shuki in the south. But I'm just wondering, you know, they made such a big deal about her not having money and whatnot. And they never take care of the gas situation. She drives all the way home on that one Danka guess she found out she couldn't pay after she filled the car up. I didn't think somebody was going to come out there and siphon the gas back out to repo it. Yeah. I suppose you're right. She did Philip. I I guess I was distracted by the fact that once again shitty parenting. She's gonna leave her daughter in the car and walk inside out of you for good five minutes. Well, she may never have driven much further. We'll discuss whether she ever goes further. She is looking for the town of silent hill, West Virginia. And this is the neighboring town that if you freeze frame the web information that she had been scouting. And you can read it's all there. Someone took the time to write it. This is where everyone was evacuated after the fire in nineteen seventy four. There was a big coal fire and everyone that survived and there were hundreds that died, but the survivors now live in this town. So she's close she wants to know how to get to the vinyl destination. They still have signs up conveniently helpfully pointing the way, but it's not a town that you can get to anymore. They've just decided to close off the roads and let it burn the cop who saw this lady and her daughter suspiciously, leaving a gas station catches up with them on there. Way to silent hill pulls him over and rose decides to just gun it and take off this cop. Cybil Bennett motorcycle cop is played by Lauren Holden..

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