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Of the city. We let you know what's happening in the theater music and visual arts coming up on Thursday, February seven from four fifteen to six forty five pm as to LeRoy Neiman, censor thirty seven south Wabash avenue. The school of the Art Institute Chicago presents conversations on art and science often, we think that the material world in terms of static stable objects with fixed boundaries and predictable properties, but technological and artistic innovations as well as environmental and sustainability concerns are challenging conventional notions about materials and highlighting the limitations of static object thinking as a professor of chemistry Cassandra, Frazier's lab investigates, luminescent boron dies for imaging and sensing these show potential as dynamic media, not just for science and medicine, but also for art and design as environmental reporters and renewable inks. For more information, go to as a ic- dot. EDU slash events three to one which button it might. Nah. When every second counts, you can't wing it. A little help up here in a home fire. You may have less than two minutes to get out. So make a family home fire escape plan, then practice home fire drills at least twice a year. So everyone knows what to do when they hear. Prepare your family at ready dot gov slash fire drill. Brought to you by FEMA the Ad Council and make safe happen. What if being in recovery from a mental or substance use disorder with something we proudly showed the world, you might be surprised? Millions of people are in recovery. Sharing hope help and support with family, friends and community showing the voices for recovery for twenty four hour, free and confidential information and treatment referral for mental and substance use disorders for you. Or someone, you know, call one eight hundred six six to help brought to you by the US department of health and human services. Because facts matter W CPT eight twenty. Yeah. It is the Stephanie Miller show. It's a brand new well in a couple of weeks general manager of Stephanie Miller.

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