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With the cross the threshold into a very different arab worth i've thomas references on point we're talking to saw with washington post foreign affairs columnist david ignatius about a world in motion right how all over the place president in asia and his new thriller on china us intelligence wars the quantum's by range widely where's your question be it on saudi princes or russia and muller right now when look a little more north korea before this hour is over uh but here we are with david ignatius right now david can we turn for just a moment to saudi arabia and a whole business with the boot of this purge of saudi princes in this week um what is going on there what why is this happening whose asserting what power and in what what direction is appoint saudi arabia tom i i think there are two of the central themes to to focus on the first is this is a this is a power grab the but prince maha been some on the crown prince thirty two years old impulsive headstrong uh is um seizing control of the levers of power in saudi arabia in a way that has not existed in the modern history the kingdom saudi arabia was always country where the consensus of the royal family the house of sodas we would say was crucial so saudi arabia moved slowly was often kind of sclerotic as part of its conservatism they would geno bend over backwards to appease the conservative religious elements for example uh monuments oman nbs as everyone calls and yet uh has has no used for any of that he's creating an executive of monarchy i wanna say an absolute monarchy under his control and and the arrests saturday night which surprised even saudis who were very close to him didn't know they were coming.

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