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Time of year and say why isn't christ in christmas h r s t mas the next film that you say is the best movie about jesus of all time the greatest story ever told blow it probably my motivate right they call me because i am the youngest jesus that's a good night thank you judge ito rightly she is guilty of adultery the law calls we'll have to be stolen yes let him among you who is without sin cast the first stone max van sido of course plays jesus in the film and i'm glad you included because christians should remember what the holiday is about santa clauses fun but it is about the birth of jesus talked was about the greatest story ever told he at route john this is probably my my most favorite cinematic rendering of the christ during i think it's because on a larger scale it it it camps to kinda create a kind of a hybrid movie it's a big hollywood production it's also kind of anti hollywood many ways before this will be came out and then keep sixty five hollywood made biblical movies like the way you know tests will be demand made movies end and then they were hollywood they were like the ten commandments quote bodies the rogue king of kings ben hur was an attempt to make something more serious and more dramatic but when george stevens announced he was going to make this movie of the greatest story ever told he said it was going to be different than what audiences we're accustomed to seeing and it is a different kind of movie it it's it's it's it's more a reverend and reflective and meditative and contempt live in i guess room with a woman as if i guess you'd say uh rendition of the story of jesus and that's what i like about it so much uh and the director george stevens as we heard and the clip he cast an american american unknown in the title role max von sydow who was an ingmar bergman regular and bergman's great swedish movies but unknown to american movie goers at the time and he's just he could delivers an amazing performance just a.

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