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It's too late keyed bag it up get out of the way when when mother nature walks rock Roche wants rock and roll another resident says for some people it's just too difficult to evacuate every time. A storm rolls through the area. Just depends on the person there's people that have pets and elderly that have horses, and there's no way to get out. You know? So sometimes you just gotta deal with it says he. He tends to just hunker down in his home. But he makes sure to have plenty of food and water. And if it gets really intense, he does have last minute evacuation. Plan Cooper, Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio man sentenced to life without parole for the murders of two people during robberies because Sean Mody was convicted last October for first degree murder in the deaths of one man, Chevron station and another man at a medical marijuana dispensary. A day later the widow of that man killed at the dispensary says attending the core proceedings gave her a sense of closure since you've got to say goodbye to her husband the DA's office decided before the trial not to seek the death penalty. However a note during sentencing, the Deputy District Attorney said moody, displayed a shocking level of gratuitous violence. They said his lack of remorse and disregard for human life indicated he was danger to the community and that the court should act to protect society, a civilian LAPD employee has been charged with murder for allegedly killing his wife and teenage son in their valley Glen apartment, Victor Gluck, husky worked in the security service. Division, the murder charges could include special circumstances, and the DA's office could decide to seek the death penalty is scheduled to be arraigned next week. It's one twelve and there's a two car crash in Calabasas, some the westbound one zero one at Calabasas, we'll have more on that. And other traffic problems coming up in three minutes with estimates..

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