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Your quarterback makes a lousy linebacker. Let me tell you, Okay, He's not gonna be able to stop the other teams with like a running back. He's gonna run right over him and break him in half. In fact, so if you believe that protectionism growth is important, but protection is even more important. I encourage you to go to our website. And sign up for our virtual center. We have a seminar coming up next week. We have Ah, bunch of them, actually. And if you're over 50, there's no charge your obligation for them. And we will talk about when to take social security When you're 66 When you're 70 62 we'll talk about the fact that the I R s Yeah, those guys they want attacks. 85% of your soul Security benefits will show you how to beat that. If it's at all possible, we'll also talk about when, when and how to take Social security. We'll talk about how to reduce your income taxes. We have five strategies for that. We'll talk about how to diversify your 401 K. We'll talk about tons and tons of stuff. So if you're over, 50 retired to retiring soon Go to our website and sign up for our virtual seminar retirement planning during uncertain times. Okay, So our p o a dot com is our website retirement planners of America dot com. All right, we're gonna take a break. When we come back. We're gonna talk about how to pass on to your greedy, unwashed undeserving ares the fruits of your labor. So stay tuned. This is money matters. And I am Kenmore, Rafe. Progressive motorcycle presents road wisdom from the motel or motorcycle cycle. You never really stopped writing in your mind unless.

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