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As always. I'm your host. Frank rich and guys i got to tell you. We are stepping up to gain here at the supreme in life. You know we're at episode. Ninety six know it's hard to believe almost at one hundred episodes. How many have been with us since the beginning. How many of you are new here for those guys. That are new to the show guys. Let me tell you what we all ab- about here. This is the superman life. And we're the only podcast in the world that is dedicated to helping men break free from the shackles porn addiction through the power of faith and fitness. And we're really about helping you guys out there step into that life that you were created live. We do that by bringing on experts Bringing doctors researchers like today's guests guys. We're diving deep into gut health and the role that the gut plays in our mental health. The goal that our gut plays and the development of our bodies the role that the gut plays may be fighting off kobe. Nineteen we're gonna get into a little bit of a news here with what's going on in the world you know we're we're we're obviously eighteen months into this thing. It's been a crazy world not to go the political out with discussing this. We're gonna keep it purely scientific. He knows hippocrates or hypocrites Probably butchered that name there but for those guys that are out there Familiar with You know some of the philosophers from greek greek greek loss from twenty five hundred years you know he. Coined a phrase. All disease begins in the gut. So we're diving deep into that would one of the world's leading researchers on good health literally one of the greatest minds the most brilliant minds experts in the field I have with me today. None other than dr mahmoud ghanem doctor mahmoud ghanem is one of the world's leading microbiome researchers and he's also the scientists that has been credited with coining the term microbiome. So we had the microbiome in the go by him. Which is our bodies fungal community dr ghanem lectures at many institutions globally including the nasa national institute of health on the microbiome in his breakthrough research on probiotics. Now he's published over four hundred papers. Four hundred research papers guys. Anything that that know the work that goes into getting one. Research paper published This gentleman dr gunn has published over four hundred and has work has been cited over twenty thousand times by other scientists in his field now over twenty five years. Dr ghanem has been funded by the nih. That's the national institute of health. Who.

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