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Up monkey Gouges on the line in the grab Monte Carlo. Monti? Hey, how you doing buddy with them? Yeah. You know, this what you and the ranger was talking about when I when I heard that just makes you sick. Like, you said, you just wonder what the heck these people are thinking that that, you know, they need to illegals for schooling. And then try to, you know, try to cut back on the ones that, you know, actually deserve that are American citizens. And like you said the people that are sacrified. You know, who would have thought that you know, you step back, and look I mean, so many things across the country. But but who would have thought, you know, I mean twenty years ago. I would never never thought this never happened that elected officials openly flaunt the laws like remember, the mayor around Oakland that would warning the ice of the rate of warning the illegals about ice rates. I can't think of her name right now. But you know, I mean, we've always known about crooked politicians. They did the best. They could to hide it. You know what I mean? But these people are are right out in the open with it. So I it's just it's like you said, it's who who would ever funk. Couple of things I called about though at trucking wise. I know you might have seen this on the landline. Daily about the parking out in north bend out there Washington. They're they're the state of Washington was trying to read find that that that the way station and like some truck parking and stop out there. I guess and the town is dead set against it. And so we're really hoping we got one of our board members actually lives out in Olympia there that he's been several of the meetings on that about the parking situation. The fate of Washington they wanna put that that waystation in around. I think the mile marker thirty four something they're going to redesign the exit or a divergent diamond or whatever deal and this town is pretty much cold. The state had put that if you put that in right there. We're going to you. So yeah. And they kinda feel like they've done their due on on the parking, you know, with the with the parking situation, you remember the headlines a year ago that the truckstop wanted to expand. And they said no can't do it. And so that's kind of a. You know, the whole not in my backyard. They write the public up position. Yes. Exactly, exactly. And the the one reason that the state one of the put that down there thirty four mile marker was, you know, when they go to shut the mountain down that's gonna give these guys a place to to try to, you know, get off the highway rather than being, you know, stranded after they get past exit done can't go up the hill. Whether they have nowhere at all to go. So, you know, I'm not a big guy on eminent domain. But you think that after a while that, you know, somehow somewhere some common sense has got to prevail in that situation. Like this where the common good is going to outweigh the means of this town out there not trying to say that they don't have valid concerns. But yeah, they tried to say, oh, you know, we're gonna have more more crime prostitution all the all the same. Omarosa. They get every time. There's something to do with chart parking trucks off. So, but we're hoping that they they're. Taking comments on that. We hope people will get any. You don't have to be a resume state of Washington combinator. You can I mean, they're taking college many body that runs off neighborhood out there. So hopefully, people will will you know, guys will get involved in and let your voices be heard on that. So yeah, the thing was on this on the immer the recent fuel tax singles, Ohio. There was somebody on Twitter was taken away to the task about you know, the didn't here for wide on that on house Bill sixty two. And you know, the thing about it is that you know, we we've always supported you'll taxes. I'm not saying that anybody going to pay more than we have to. But, you know, fuel taxes are certainly more viable way to find the highway over, you know, having tolls or something. So it's it's like everybody benefits from it. So that was the two things that I had there tonight. Steve pre shaped five buddy, thank you for checking Monte. Appreciate your helpful info about eight before the our two minute timeout on ATN say folks, I am thrilled to welcome back. Our good friends at Mahindra just in time for spring right now. Your Mahindra dealer has more ways to save during their demo and drive sales event. Demo a Mahindra emax twenty.

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