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I'm sure you've been monitoring Jimmy Butler, and he's one guy that maybe doesn't want to be playing that much longer. And there's a report out see that baller would walk away from basketball at thirty five years old or or in his career thirty four and therefore would only have five years left. So I don't know. It's just this this situation in Philadelphia. And really the Jimmy Butler scenario or saga gets stranger by the day. It seems what is your latest sense of that because it is very dysfunctional that he's only been there, you know, less than a couple of months, and we're already having these types of issues, I think Jimmy just is very outspoken. He's he's always been authentic. He's always been himself. And he says what he thinks I think that in in this particular circumstances situation, if you're twenty nine years old, and you're seeking a five year deal. I don't know if I would necessarily share with everyone that I plan on retiring at thirty four or before thirty four, but you're also talking about a guy who's Austalian caliber all in BA, potentially a first team defender every season hits shots has been known to have legendary workout five six AM while he's traveling the world in joint life. I mean, he's a really good player. It's just about the negative connotations that have surrounded places. He's been I don't know if that's necessarily his fault or. Or he's just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But the fact that just been a lot of negative Clough in certain areas that he's been obviously the Sixers situation with trying to carve out a larger role in the offense. According to Welsh and some of the reports that were leaked these past few weeks. It's just about figuring out the situation like whose F all here. I is this a Antonio Brown situation where this history of being late to meetings and things like that. I don't think so I think this is more. So akeso of him just being outspoken wanting to have a larger role in the offense and also being authentic. You know, as as casual fans a lot of times, we won't players to be real. We don't want cliche answers. We want them to really be themselves. But then when players are themselves players are real employers are authentic when they're cocky and not humble when they are boastful people say, oh, he should be shouldn't be like that. Or he shouldn't answer questions that way. But it's like what do you want? You want the athlete to be honest and genuine or do you want him to give you? Team effort, blah, blah, blah, those types of answers. So I think it's it's a slippery slope. Man, we want we want to understand players and no players, but they went players act like themselves. We question in their integrity. Yeah. And I think it's it's kinda messed up. See I think Jimmy Butler is you know, he has this endless tank of gas. He goes a really hard. He is a clutch player. He's the kind of guy you'd want on your team because he's not afraid of the big moment. In fact, he embraces it. But you know, you start to worry about issues that he's had now obviously in Chicago there were there were significant turmoil, and obviously gar Forman and John Paxson of their own issues. So maybe you excuse it. Then he goes to Minnesota, and apparently isn't happy with Karl Anthony towns or under Wiggins, and you know, Tom tiptoe and now he's in Philadelphia. And I know that they've had their issues. But since he's been there, you think about stability. I mean, elm brand is very well respected around the league Brett Brown. You can criticize. I some of his Xs and os. But he's well liked for the most part by players. I think and then you know, he should be able to Jimmy Butler in theory acquiesce to a degree to Simmons an NBA while also asserting himself, but he was already having problems less than two months in to his tenure in Philadelphia. That's a concern. And it's a even bigger concern considering he says he might retire at thirty five years old, which is in five years. Yeah..

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