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Eighty two in Orlando eighty along the Sanford riverwalk with clear skies I'm Tony Marino Clark Howard back in five minutes and new tonight a changing timeline for when the corona virus may have been in the U. S. ABC's eva pilgrim with new information before Florida health officials realize that it appears the virus was already there the Miami Herald analyzing state health data finding patients with possible symptoms going back to late December the first reported cases in Florida didn't come until weeks later on March first antibody testing coming to Orlando that announcement came from governor Ron DeSantis this morning the convention center site has been open since mid March offering drive up testing now a separate lane will be designated for antibody testing at the Orange County convention center supplement the current diagnostic testing drive in with an antibody lane is option would be in addition to the site's current testing capacity of seven hundred fifty per day but there's no indication of when this new lane would open up and be running for people to drive through it antibody testing has become so important especially for health care workers and first responders who are constantly exposed to infected people very important who has antibodies and who doesn't the governor said to further determine what range of individuals may have already had called at nineteen and now have some level of immunity he's worked to partner with blood donation centers like one blood to conduct serological testing between a scaled news ninety six point five W. DDL Florida senator Rick Scott is joined a bipartisan group of colleagues to introduce the safeguarding.

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