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Boyfriends. Yes did i. A straight in quotes lady runaway. Date my teammate. For ten years maybe maybe roller derby didn't make us gay but it sure helped. So yeah get drunk at that after party and ask a girl or mb cutie today unless your team and you have a game the next day. Love this new. I want that person to write a story about their life. Like we just do a roller derby movie where everyone falls in love. I would like to write a series of books about women in roller derby. We need movie. We had a series of books. We neither reality series. I don't. I'm not a big fan of reality series but there's something going on. Here's a lot here. I beat a tale as old as time. He my daughter. i mean. that's what you're saying. I mean that's beauty and the beast. We need a musical movie. You know andrew light weber. Where are you mom handles. All the time song old is rhyme. Does that one was that one. Andrew lloyd webber thing with the the the the opera no. There's a lake skating one. He has a skating water ready. We need we need a reboot. Acquire reboot of that. Edrich laid weber skating musical. Maybe who's our guest today. mike. God thank you. I can't wait. Our guest is the hilarious. The dope is hell jenny. yang. Jenny is a comedian writer. Actor in two thousand twenty. She was named varieties ten comics to watch. She's written on last man standing on fox and busy tonight with busy phillips and she's a creator and host of comedy crossing a stand up show held inside the animal crossing video game that has raised nearly forty thousand dollars for related causes. Hello activists that's where you. I met jenny right yes. I didn't really know her. She's wonderful wonderful. She really really open. Hulan good. I really enjoyed this talk. So i guess without any further ado roll.

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