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And welcome back Nick hope with us, Nick what has been the reaction worldwide to this June 25th report. Well, I think there was an absolute explosion of media interest. Firstly, in the build up to this the anticipation then when the thing came out, But then I think thinks Kind of got interesting. It was almost like information overload. And they have just been such saturation on this that a lot of people sort of scratch their heads and said, Well, you know what next? So now to be Frank, it's gone a little bit quiet, but at the time it was intense. It was mainstream and it was not just in the US There was a lot of coverage in the United Kingdom. I know because I was doing doing a lot of media interviews that because of the time difference, So you were all over the place. Oh, yes, Yes. Absolutely. I am. You know, so I I guess I'm still on the speed dial of a lot of the UK Media, but other places to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Um you know, I don't have such good visibility about what happened in in, for example, parts of South America, Asia, Africa, But the coverage as far as I can tell, was global and and really impressive and important. Indeed, indeed, indeed. And do you ever think we're going to get to the bottom of this in terms of full disclosure? Well, I hope so. I mean, as I say many times it depends. Full disclosure depends what they're actually is to disclose whether somebody Tangibly has something hidden away somewhere or whether, like most other people, even governments trying to scrambling around in the dark, trying to figure it out. But I think one thing for sure. There is more to come both with part two of this report, and indeed with the phenomenon itself. I mean this whole field as I often say it's events lead and you never know what's going to come. Suddenly and unexpectedly from left field. We're going to take calls with Nick Pope next hour, So get ready to jump on board with us, Nick with all the things that have been going on in the field of you follow Gee, What's that? One case That really stands out for you? You wrote a book on Rendall show. I'm going to assume that could be the case. Yes, I think it's still Randall Shim. Absolutely. It's It's hard to top something like that. I often describe it as the perfect storm of the UFO case, everything that you could ask for that will make something Compelling case in terms of evidence, multiple witnesses, military witnesses, radar evidence radio activity levels significantly higher than the average background. Recorded at the landing site and all this documented not just by senior military officers who were there like Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, but in the declassified Ministry defense file, which I've, I've obviously handled myself. It's now out there for the benefit of people who don't know about render some tell us when it happened and what happened. December 1980 over a series of three consecutive nights. It happened at the twin military bases of bent waters and which bridge in the UK at United States Air Force bases on British soil. First night. Something landed and me stood there for a while before taking off vertically and shooting away to the horizon at high speed. Subsequently, radio activity levels as I mentioned were taken recorded with the Geiger counter and assessed as being significantly higher than the average background. Then more activity on night. Two. Then on 93. The witnesses came back three nights in a row, and the witnesses included the skeptical deputy base commander, Lieutenant Colonel. Charles Holt. So that's it in a nutshell. But I teamed up with two of the military witnesses John Burroughs and Jim Penniston, and we managed to write a Book running to 100,000 words on it. So, yes, I've just given you a brief edited highlights version and didn't Penniston come down with some illness for a while? Well, I have to be careful about this, even though we're all Friends and such like but because of medical confidentiality issues. I can't say too much on that, other than some of the witnesses didn't have medical issues that they attributed to the close encounter, and indeed, a declassified British intelligence report did have a sentence in it. Which said words to the effect of the well reported rebels from forest incident is a case where it might be postulated that the witnesses were exposed to radiation. For longer time periods than normal and Senator McCain got involved John McCain, John Kyle got involved, and there was a settlement with some of the witnesses from the V A. There is a photograph of the UFO that was on your office wall at the Ministry of Defense. That's kind of controversial. Tell us about that. Oh, my goodness. Yes, for years. I mean, when I first Started that job in 1991. I walked into the office and kind of did a double take, And it was this Poster sized color photo Daylight taken over Scotland in 1990 of this huge battleship grey diamond shaped craft. As I say broad daylight features in the background like that, you know the ground forest in the distance so the intelligence experts could triangulate and make some calculations about Size and distance and all that, and this thing was a fast As being absolutely real solid and and completely unknown. It was on our office wall for years and one day I came back from a short period of leave, and it was gone. And I would think, where's it gone? It was like, Oh, yeah, they had a division. Took the way and locked it in his safe along with all the top secret documents because he had convinced himself that this must be it could only be some sort of secret. Prototype hypersonic aircraft because you know, when it came to something like extraterrestrials, his view was it can't be. Therefore it isn't And so it stayed in the safe. And then when we declassified and released the M of the UFO files I was saying to people Oh, yeah. Wait to receive this photo and then Oh, sorry. We've lost it. I've known you for years. Nick has a very credible UFO investigator. There are a few people in the field that believe you are a government disinformation expert. Why don't you address that? Well, you know, I guess You can't really prove a negative and certainly not in that. Context. This has been very controversial. I know that I and other people, um, who have Appeared along in the media in relation to a tip and the U. S Navy videos and this report from ODNI Congress. I know that a lot of us have been accused by certain people in the field of promoting a threat..

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