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In fact I'm going to tell you five ways you can make money selling free books so you WanNa make sure to stay tuned to today's podcast. Learn how to publish profitable books. And build an unstoppable author brand with India author publishing coach. Dale L Roberts. This is the self publishing. Dale podcasts Today's podcast episode is sponsored by the DIY publishing in course get your hands on the most comprehensive course on do it yourself publishing mastery that has helped over eleven hundred self publishers date. Wow with about three hundred and fifty five video and downloadable resources. You'll never run out of content to help elevate your self publishing game. Get Ten percent off lifetime access to the publishing. Course when you visit the links dot com slash Josh podcast and use the coupon code podcast again. Visit daily Dot Com slash. podcast real simple. He's the coupon code at checkout podcast. All right so here's the problem. A lot of people kind of been asking me. Hey is it worthwhile to actually publish free e books these days I see a lot of people doing it but I'm not sure if it's worthwhile and believe leaving not it still can be very effective and it could be something that can help move the needle in your self publishing business now. You may be Kinda wondering to yourself first of all how do I do. You are free book because I publish Amazon. Katie P and it doesn't allow me to go below ninety nine cents so let me go ahead and just give you a little bit of a synopsis. Believe or not actually have a youtube video about this. But I'll just summarize it for you. You'll publish your e book through Katie P. Now you can the lowest you can go down as ninety nine cents. That's okay hey leave it there. But don't opt into the Katie piece like program because that is an exclusivity program meaning that you were going to exclusively publish there were. We're not gonNA do that though. Oh okay so now that you can have it published over on Amazon Katie. P The very next step that you're GONNA WANNA focus on is publishing it on the major competitors now the major competitors of Amazon Katie P. R. Apple Barnes and noble. Kobo and Google play focus on those top. Four in fact almost always lean over in favor of apple because they have the wide distribution. So you're going to take that e book that's not opted indicated selecting. You'RE GONNA put it over into apple you can do this. Aggregate publisher to kind of. Save yourself the time and expense spends because obviously if you're doing it through aggregate publisher and it's free then it's really not costing you anything to do it through them so as soon as it has propagated aided out to the various apple platforms you're going to do is fine all of the links to each one. Yearbooks in each one of the region's go into your Katie Dashboard going to contact us. Let them know. Hey look I'd like to have a price match of X.. Book whatever your book is and here are the different regions where it is free right now. You're in a probably get some canned response. We reserve the discretion to do a price match Blah Blah Blah. But usually within about one to three days you're going to see that it is marked down to free which is awesome. So it's really cool any rate now. You got the dating free. What do we do from here? So here's why doing wing a free book really does help you make money. So in any event was started out with number one number one free marketing and exposure her so it whether Your Business owner and entrepreneur or an author even video influencers this is the easiest and a free free way to get marketing exposure and get yourself out in front of a larger audience so it would behoove. You actually do a free book because quite frankly frankly it's cheaper than a facebook ad or Google ad or even for that matter an Amazon ad. All you gotTa do is just put an e book out there and people will know about you know about your business. They'll know about your brando know about your products and services which leads me to the next one number to sell products or services services so you got this e book that's out there and hopefully this book really kind of cements. The fact that you're you're pretty big deal in your niche that you are the go-to resource so naturally you're going to be able to first of all show and build value with your audience audience. And now the next thing is tell them where they can get products or services beyond this free e book so again we kind of already talked about the marketing and exposure the things. You can only imagine. Now we're able to kind of sell other things that aren't necessarily free because let's face it folks. Free doesn't pay the bills so number three promote the back catalogue all right so if you're brand new to the business of writing chances are very likely you may not want to lead with the free e-book okay you're going to probably wait until you have a back catalog. So for instance for me. I've got a deep back catalogue of e books and one of the greatest ways to actually tell people about those additional ones is through this free e book back in about two thousand fifteen I think it was launched about eight to nine different. PERMA free books. That actually really really brought in a lot more traffic and I was able to tell people about more of my other publications that were available at full price so these free books they will start to advertise and tell people like hey in this book. Ninety Day homework plan. I talked about how you don't need to do. Do a thousand crunches in order to lose that belly fat and check it out over here at this link. And so I'm able to send people from that free book over to my payback or even the matter and offer on my website. Pretty freaking cool. I don't mind sand so number four build an email list. So you're already heard me. You say back in about two thousand fifteen. I did about eight to nine publications. If I'm for certain I think it was nine that it did altogether that we're free and these were short reads so they were just kind of just. I knew what I was doing on this one. And it was to acquire more emails to grow my email subscriber base and I got about roughly at thousands per month and I actually got to the point where I had to keep on cleaning out my email because it became so frigging big that I was going to have to upgrade my email service provider so in any event with the email list. I need you to kind of take a deep breath kind of person. That's like I hate doing email marketing out out. Don't make me do it. It's not worth it but it is really worth it because you're able to nurture a relationship and watch it grow grow between you and your followers and your readers in the more that you can grow this email list the less dependent you're going to be on other platforms so you can do something something like a good boy Walter. Why burn would do is actually sell it over on your website and that to me? That's one hundred percent profit other than have to pay for your domain may name and your web hosting. You don't have to do anything else. You can just get honor percent prophet which that's my favorite cost so building an email list should be one of the top things on your list of things to do and on top of that. You're able to do that inside your Perma Free Book. Yes and that free book out a bill L. that email list and you bring your audience with you now before I wrap up. Today's little podcast. I want to bring to your tension of course every Saturday at twelve pm eastern standard time at dealings dot com slash live. We're actually live on youtube with self publishing with Dale each every Saturday at twelve pm and then every Monday at twelve. PM Eastern Standard Time. We actually have the PODCAST recording. Believe it or not. I'm recording it right now. And oddly enough everybody got to see that this is the second time I've frigging recorded waited. This episode yeah. I had the wrong microphone plugged in so big Kudos to everybody for encouraging me through this but you actually can catch all the hijinks and mishaps ups be visit me every Monday at twelve Mr Standard Time at twitch dot TV slash self-published and you can subscribe for Free Amazon Prime and you can find out do that when you visit. Is it. The links dot com slash Amazon prime Excuse me which Primesee. I'm messing things up already so again. That's daily links dot com slash twitch prime all that inside the show notes all right number five attract lifelong fans and you know I can also add to this and it's funny. I didn't even say this in the first broadcast in the these lifelong fans become your really close. Friends are the ones that will laugh along with you. When you mess up? We got a little mustard on your face and also get your back when someone says a crossword about you and you get these free books out there. You put enough of those assets out there you build enough value within the world people were going to get behind you and believe in you and tell you Atta Boy Atta girl and get tore you keep going. And here's the beauty of it is as you start to grow this following in this readership they're going to be with you. Through thick and thin it will keep growing to the critical mass. Until eventually. You'll see that. What in the long game? You certainly will make more money selling free books long. She'd do it strategically. Hey folks if you enjoyed today's episode make sure subscribe or follow me on your preferred podcast platform Aleve review today. I was supposed to actually read a couple of reviews and tell a big. Thank you to some of you out there but but I do appreciate it. Maybe in a future episode. I'll do couple shout outs for those. That actually leave a review. And if you do leave a review contact me real quick Dale at self-published Went Dell Dot Com. And let me know and well I'll shout you out and also maybe put a little plug in for your upcoming book. Release or something like that so that more people can kind of hear that we're not. We're getting a lot of downloads per week. So that is a a lot of ears to be delivered to any rate folks Today's podcast actually has been a blast and recording it for the second time has been a fundable thing trying out my patients but for the most part I think it was well worth it in the long term shorter episode than usual. So the meantime between time folks this this has been self publishing with Dell and I will talk to you next week. You've been listening to the self publishing. Dale podcast visit us at so publishing with Dell Dot Com for more information on how you can level up your publishing business. Also get rock-solid Action Plan for your next book launch when when you sign up for email newsletter at self publishing with bill dot com back slash checklist. If you enjoyed the show please consider leaving a review on apple podcast. We'll see you next time..

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Amazon, Dale L Roberts, Apple discussed on Self-Publishing with Dale L. Roberts

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