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You're listening to the robin Lundberg welcome back Adam the bowl with you in for robin Lundberg on this Superbowl Saturday morning the number to jump in with me is eight five five two one two four C. B. S. that's eight five five two one two four two two seven we're talking Superbowl as I mentioned before the break of you with us I will hit on a few other topics along the way a little bit of baseball and a little bit of a fan behavior at basketball games and just in general get all of that but right now we're talking about the Superbowl the for those who pay attention to such things the Kansas City Chiefs are a one and a half point favorite they opened as a one point favorite no line is moved to half the over under the games fifty four I love a lot of these prop bets I'm on the game I might might not get the some of the later again this summer I think the best bet is and I'm not trying to get political so my going to make any other comments about this but I think the best bet on the props is will Donald Trump tweet during the game the game with the commercials in the half time is like four hours there's no way he can go for hours without tweeting so that seems like a lock to me I think that's the best prop it but you know some of these are really crazy is this political ones this call you know I'm not a mixed sports ones there it you bet on the Gatorade the length of the I. what is the live close to the singer is aware it's amazing what you can better but it's all it's all out there on non involved with any of that I think some of the funny I'll bring up a couple later but but in terms of the a game and you know listen D. a lot of V. advanced analytics there's a there's a stacked hold D. V. O. way yeah I'm not gonna get too much into the woods in that but it it it it seems to be a good metric OR stat for saying how good is this team's offense how good is this team's defense and when you look at the disparity in D. V. O. way between the chiefs and the Niners defensively the Niners have a big edge there and traditionally teams that have a big edge in that stat in the Super Bowl those teams traditionally not only win but cover the spread on average at you know also that that's it but what I would say to come there and they don't always win but what I would say is that I think bedroom homes is such a historically great quarterback and as I said before well I think the Niners defense is very very good I don't think it's historically great I expect this game to be very close the odds makers have a close I expected to be very close the the the nerd part of me that loves these of that van stats is telling me to pick the Niners the old school got football guy in the which usually wins is telling me to pick the chiefs I'm a little torn but I am going with the chiefs but I think I'd be surprised if this game more one sided I see this ending with Patrick mom's school get a game winning touchdown when it and that's that's how I see it.

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