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Of orbiters not a lot but recently we've had some orbiters at venus the european space agency had our one called venus express and the japanese have one that's there now called i could sukchae and you can do certain interesting things from orbit at venus but there are certain important goals the you really need to plunge into the atmosphere to accomplish measuring the compositions of of the gaps molecules what's really there as opposed to what we think is there and measuring how the temperature and the pressure vary with height measuring the properties of the clouds and then even as we just send towards the surface we would be able to take images take photographs of the surface as we descend and indeed land on the surface and more in something of what those minerals than those rocks are really bike so there are uh there's a series of goals that are would be very important for for figuring out this puzzle of venus and and how it's evolution diverged from that of the earth that we think we can only answer by plunging into that forbidding atmosphere and heading down towards that that searing surface and taking data along the way and then radioing that information back to earth in in uh you know that that that's with the bonanza would begin we'd we'd we'd start to really interpret that in and see what we were burning about our our sister world there's an article in science magazine must recently will reminding the to call grandson entitled tougher than hell tougher than haiti's by paul loosen and key explores wide he is that nasa has not had good tools to land on the surface of the as you mentioned the temperature and also the unknown solve settling into a cloud system you can't see through they're looking at building what looked to be world war one tanks and then armored in situ explores with new silicon carbide on reactive semiconductors that won't melt at the temperatures or be disrupted so those aren't built yet you haven't got them but how long do you think you can survive after reading this i'm amazed that anything could survive on that surface how long can you last him yes so we it's great that people were are developing the this advanced technology and some day we would like eight lander on venus.

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