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You know, it's not like Thor science either is like hey years ago, we had science that that just nobody knew how to handle it got to us. And we misused it. But now, it actually helps us do this and help us do that it really is kind of underwater Kanda, and and that's fine. That's cool. I'm not I'm not I'm not I don't have a problem with that. But the further they get into it. And explain about Atlanta's explain what this real series narration. The dummy gets and you hear this real serious explanation. You could just see the actors lake you You really really want. want? All right. You sign. Put it down payment on the house. I finished saying it's the the history flashback of Atlantis and the narrator put over it sounds like the pitch in a meeting this guys that sounds dumb right now. But when we flush it out, it's gonna be cool. It's gonna be bad as it's like, no we gonna flush. At the do. As I said, they set the story up on science so late on the movie somehow somewhere magic just works his way into it. And that is a part of a land in the comic books, but it's nice that cause a huge part, but met ba- Magic's not set up well here because they set it up as science and all of a sudden, they go straight to King Arthur tight magic, you know, because they are still trying to rip off between being influenced by just rip it off King, Arthur, and that's the thing with with with aquaman being the king and his name in. Arthur there's always that parallel. It's always that kind of something that you sorta allude to. Yeah. But don't just come right out and say and when they worked on this. They missed that last part. Well, at some point we need to just make just make him King, Arthur and just be done with it. I can be down with this new suit they got. But did you notice that his forearms like corn on the com-? Looking at the thanking not just one nibble is arms. Noticed with with a lot of these DC costumes is that it's typical for them to take for the superheroes to have muscles built into the suit somewhat to enhance them. I mean, if you watch any of the Spiderman movies, and you'll notice the the legs on everyone of them at some point the ties you like okay that his his dies and that that huge. But it's just something they do enhance everybody. But in the cases of Jason momoa, Henry Cavill, those guys are already pretty big. They don't need a lot of enhancements. And yet once he puts that suit on he is bulky in a way that looks almost kinda blimpy and fat because like a lot of these characters. Batman superman. Zam they pump up so much. They looked like human figures. Actually, he wrote it out corn. You eat me. No now, I read in my because for him. It's supposed to be armor, also. So when I looked at him, I can give I really that. I didn't have a problem with. Guy who's supposed to swim and be live as he goes to the water. It just it looked weird didn't because you know, there's a lot the physics of what they're doing water. I have no problem with it. They are aqua people. So it was like all right. You know, y'all can do anything water that is I'm not going to go in and just try to nail in a rail real and everything in the movie, I there's a lot of things that we suspend disbelief superheroes. Short. With DC there is at trend to do that. Yeah. With a hero's extra. I actually thought the costume was kinda cool what they were doing bring into the traditional costume that. We saw and making what we see here on the screen I ever since even saw the photos, that's kind of cool things got me excited about it. What I have a problem with our his powers as we were talking about this before like, okay, how come you can speak to fish fishing? Nobody else. Can you know? That's never explained is. He's a he's born with that. And that is his special thing. But like a mutant a bigger that's something that they would say or dress or he would he would actually say, wow, I can talk to animals, and you can't why why is that you know, how come I can chill with the fish?.

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