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Yes, can go to hell. I love him. He's. That was a good idea. I love that, man. I don't care. What idiom saying. Oh, great guy. Good stuff. Better questions. Yeah, let's do it. Nail them. Between Nola Shire's her and Graham who gets the Cy Young this year and who will be the most Irving rate actually winning a word? I know we sort of touched on this, but I'm going to you have to answer this right now who is going to actually win. Sherzer leads in case for nine total strikeouts whip. You leads in the in the stallion categories. As I say in the domination stations, matcher it is max Scherzer Jacob degrom, very deserving. It is not him. It is max Scherzer max Scherzer wins the Cy Young. It is max sherzer is my winner. I think I think I'm going to go a Dallas here. I think Sirs her, and this is also sort of projecting with these guys are going to do in September. So at that also in mind, I'm going to go with sherzer, but I think there's a part of me that feels like it's it's the grump here like he may be should win it again because I was like, yeah, we'll talk about this a week or two because I haven't really, really crunched the numbers the up to date numbers the last time that I looked which was out no, maybe like a month or so ago. It was sure no doubt. But now obviously, I, I saw some staffers. Like seventeen of the twenty four starts or whatever it was that that degrom is made all been against teams that are five hundred better like that should count for something. So, yeah, I think the the gap between the two are tightening, but I would still give it to sherzer. I think the Graham will win. I'm fascinated to see what sort of support Nola gets because like a lot of his case is built on the idea that he has prevented runs despite playing in front of like a uniquely bad defense behind him and not just not just that the Phillies defenses bad, but that it has been even worse than normally is when Nola is pitching. I think that's perhaps a little too nuanced of a case, quote, unquote for the for him to get enough of the vote to overcome those two guys. I do think the grams shiny ERA may win out overall, but I think this could be one of the most tightly voted tightly contested Cy Young races that we've had an either league and quite some time. This is specifically for Dallas. The interview with your boy bones, body Crosby had me thinking, what is the difference in preparation? You would take either on game date ra- leading up to it studying different hitters, such in the minors. Compared to the majors. Well, when I was in the minor leagues, we did not have the technology that baseball has today. It was what you could you could, and I'm not joking. You could like in my minor league experience to a minor league experience of the fifties sixties seventies, and that's not joking. That's pitching coaches and folks of yesteryear telling me, wow, you guys are still doing the same shit. We were doing back then we didn't have radar guns, so that was the big difference. You just didn't have the information at hand either. So it was up to your pitching coach at the time to do the legwork and maybe get some scouting reports from folks around the league. Your advanced outing department might have that information, but it wasn't something when I was in the minor leagues that was being accessed by everybody. So I was an individual who did pay attention to certain numbers, like walk rates, first pitch swing rates. First pitch swing rates with runners in scoring position less than two outs. A lot of that kind of stuff. So in the minor leagues, you are here to do your job. You're here to make sure you understand how to fix yourself out on the mound. In a game scenario, it's about honing and refining your strength learning how to identify weaknesses. When you get to the big leagues, the bottom line, it's about winning fucking ballgames and the preparation, you better prepare for that just like the SAT or or fucking ACT or whatever. Other test you idiots paid to take high school, you'd better you'd better prepare for something like that. Definitely the dudes who take tests out of high school are the idiots. No-doubt. Good..

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