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To a person document 1999. In 2000 as the jumping off point for just, uh, going down the toilet with our lives, which was when we were all three introduced to OxyContin. And it was a monster that we just you know, we were were one of those were three of those people that Really get along well with painkillers makes us feel extraordinarily good. And it just It started a years for all three of us of addiction and real problems. So I'm just thrilled that these guys were able to come on and tell their stories and that they that they lived through to see the other side. But the fact that he's out there I mean, you're really need to store. Oh, you do and then I can't I There comes a point where you're so dependent on that. Physiologically. I mean, you start feeling it, you start feeling sick, and the only thing you can think about is getting that pill and putting it in your mouth and getting into your systems and I would just chew them up just to get him into my bloodstream. They taste like crap, You know, but just to get him in my bloodstream quicker and nothing is more important to think about that he was out. Minutes to go before starting lineups, and he's standing on the corner up there at the garden, waiting for his Oxy dealer. It's madness. It's insane thinking, but that's where we where we were at the time. I got Jim Jackson on next hour you He's the best Jimmy Jackson just to say, But if I forget wasn't unbelievable basketball player He gave me fits, Uh, Might be a better analyst. He's an unbelievable basketball analysts. And he puts you on lockdown occasionally, Daddy, I think he gave me 51. I was coming back from a from a thumb injury and that and they went at me. He was in Dallas, and, uh, I I think you have to ask him about it. But I think he gave me 50 once. Michael never gave me 50. Jimmy, give me 50. Yeah. Do you think guys circle that that game on their calendar when they knew that they were they were going to face you. I hope so. Because I circled down. Yeah, but who did? Who did? You know you were going to have a great game? You just couldn't wait. You never You. Never. Yeah, you can now. Okay. Vinny del Negro. You You know you knew you were going to light up Vinny Del Negro. No, man. I can't. I can't say that that he was great. Just did. No, I didn't. Okay, I did. Yeah. Uh huh. And he's my guy. Yeah, well, not anymore anymore. Hey, it's great to talk to you. As always, Um so no CO I know Chris Paul tonight, but you get to watch Devin Booker. Oh, man, How much fun are these sons and I'm I'm a homer. Of course. Biased. Um But look at what? Look at what's left. The sons are the most complete team left. I I feel like they defend. They defend like they defend better than any of the teams left. They share the ball like a college scene. I can't say enough about money. Williams and I've been around this squad some. Then you know what a college atmosphere feels like. And when it's really good, it's really good. These players love Monty Williams. Like they love their their favorite college coach. To a person he's come in, and he's changed the culture James Jones and Robert Sarver made a great higher and the cultures completely changed. Devin Booker is obviously a star. DeAndre Ayton come leaps and bounds. So look out for the sons if they get Chris back. And are healthy. I don't know anybody can beat them. I would ask you this, but I know the answer because you're not going to know the answer. Where can people find your podcast charges? I'm going to say anywhere. You can find your five s apple Spotify? Yeah, Two of all of that stuff. Uh, I heart radio charges. Look at you. Okay, Look, I'm getting the hang of you. Are you Are we all growed up? Yeah. You mature in there, and it looks like you made your bed too. Well, I did. I got in trouble for not doing that last time. Look, then when you go hardship out of college you got it takes some time. You know, I love it back then. Rex went hardship. Was it really Were you hardship back home? I wasn't like what? How much did your dad make at the time? Oh, man, He didn't make very much right. He wasn't making very well. Yeah, uh, but back then you could go hardship. That's what it was called going hardship. Um and I remember. Well, almost nobody did it at the time that I was doing it. It kind of slow down and I didn't intend on leaving Anyway. We were going on probation. You know that? Because not because of you, right? Yeah, that's a long time ago. Had Mashburn on Jamal Mashburn on my other pot I do with Josh Hopkins. The Rex Chapman show and had Mashburn on a few weeks ago or a month or so ago and he was going through, he said, You know, That year. You know, the first year I came in. We had a great year, but we couldn't make the tournament. We were on probation. I said Sorry. I didn't that team go 13 and 13 that year that year, they're on probation. With Pitino. They may they may have they may have. I don't know. I lose track around. I I did a story on Kentucky basketball that year. Uh, But was that the Chris Mills FedEx, you know? Well, crypt, my, if I would have stayed in school and gone on to be a junior, our team would have been Uh, myself. Chris Mills, Eric Manual, Leron Ellis and Sean Kent. Oh, It's a squad. That's a squad. That's that's that's an NSA investigation is what it is. Wow. It never materialized. Yeah, Shawn Kemp, wasn't it that Eddie Sutton son took his s A T test for allegedly. You're you're You're confusing stories. Okay? Yeah. Yeah, but, Yeah, that was all kind of going on. You know, it's easy to get confused when it comes to Kentucky basketball direct because we're so Denver. Yes, Absolutely. That's what I went Many titles. That's what you're talking. You should be wearing your uniform tonight. Your your your Phoenix. But you've got a lot of uniforms. Yeah, maybe I'll just wear my uniform. That would be great. Like, just go with your socks and your shoes. Just walk in. Yeah. Shot socks and shooting taped. Yeah, and nobody's going to think. Wow. That's really Rex Chapman will be like that. Dude is dressing up like Rex Chapman. I I did that one year for Halloween. Here. You dressed up as you? Yeah. Wait. Where were you sober at the time. Mm hmm. Me, Uh, 50 ft. It's a jump ball. You know who knows? Have fun tonight behave. Okay, thanks. Go sons. That's Rex Chapman and his podcast is charges. Let's It's great revealing. He sent me a couple of episodes that I got to the kind of screen for him. But He's doing great. Take a break back.

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