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To to you know, if it was three to three we would have maybe become to a different conclusion we made a larger sample Navy in in the the other. other two Josh he was confident that his defense would score safety. It's a great point picnics. That's a great point. Maybe there are playing Nathan Peterman. So. Four taking four times. Deferring it twice. We obviously need more data points here. But let's look at the larger story here. The college stats are hard to come by. At least I was not able to come by them. Maybe someone who's more intrepid would have come by college taking the ball versus deferring stats, but in the NFL is very clear trend. So when teams were given the choice to defer their choice second half that started in two thousand eight only seven point eight percent of coin toss winters chose to defer. But by two thousand fifteen then number had changed. This is like pretty crazy. It had gone from seven point eight percent to seventy six point four percent of teams chose to defer in the second half. And then according to yes, PIN, stats and information as of two thousand fifteen teams who deferred one fifty four point nine percent of the time. Nation for choosing to defer is that. Teams like to do this. And it seems borne out by logic and numbers to some degree is the teams like to be able to double up because you can game the clock. If you have the ball last in the first half, you can milk the clock try to score with no time left and then immediately get the ball back and the second half as if you get the ball first in the first half, you kind of seed control of that. You lose the opportunity for doing that kind of double up is it does it give you a huge advantage. Probably not have data on how many teams and the first half with the ball. And then start the second half with the ball. We don't that would be a great, gentlemen, trumpet. Somebody would need to be intrepid to that. But Bill Belichick. This was like a New York Times story of years ago at that point he had chosen to defer forty eight times out of fifty. It seems like they're a few exceptions and the NFL and maybe an college. But it seems like deferring is the thing that most coaches do. So Randy Edsall. I don't know seems like the guy might be might be wanting to get cash the extra two thousand dollars every week for his one eight team. I don't know. Let's just be clear because you really haven't been super clear that Randy Edsel has getting bonuses based on how his unpaid players perform for him in very specific situations during games, I was like extremely clear about that. At the beginning of the. I'm just reiterating it because it needs to be reiterated. So more evidence needed early indications early research shows that Randy edsels behavior might be questionable. If I were Yukon fan or player, I might wonder as my coach just trying to make an extra two thousand dollars in cash off of players on paid labor here. I don't know. Maybe it's a question you should raise about your one eight coach, hey, it is cap that one hundred thousand dollars these bonuses. So her year for you. So that seem sensible. For for Randy Edsall, one eight coach of Yukon, he might he might be deferred with that record before too long. That is our show for today. Our producers Patrick fort to listen to pashas and subscribe or just reach out. Good a slate dot com slash hang up, and you can Email us at hang up at slate dot com for Stephan fats this I'm Josh Levin remembers mobility, and thanks for listening..

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