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All UCSC alumni are welcome alumni weekend. UCSC dot EDU. Taking a look at your forecast for tonight, mostly cleared, a partly cloudy skies tonight wall so continue to have some breezy conditions. Lows are going to be in the low to mid forties and then sunny skies and your forecast for Wednesday right now. It's fifty nine degrees in Monterey. Sixty three degrees in watsonville and seventy degrees. Santa cruz. Support for Casey, you comes from green Home Solutions offering indoor air quality services, including environmental probiotic treatments for the home. Mark green Home Solutions dot com or two seven five seventy five eighty five. It's three fifty. From NPR news. This is all things considered. I'm Elsa Chang. And I'm Audie Cornish. David Brian Davis scholar and author has died. Davis won numerous awards, including Pulitzer prize and national book award for his three volumes on the problem of slavery. More importantly, as NPR's Lynn neary reports, he helped shape the way we view the role of slavery in the west David Brian Davis. Trilogy was the work of a lifetime. The first volume was published in nineteen sixty six the final volume in twenty fourteen during that time Davis also had a career as a history professor at Yale both his writing and his teaching says Eric phone professor emeritus at Columbia University powerfully influenced.

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