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Hey welcome back to high built this from npr so it's nineteen seventy eight bob as wife charlie stumble across an old mill about to be torn down and they decide to save it to create a new company and they call it ops red mill took three months i gave myself three months to the day to get the doors open and i began a concerted effort to make my life what i thought i was capable of doing with this building now the building was everything it was just a a godsend to be honest with you i think that's a good term but how did people look when when you open the doors after three or four months from the moment you three months day and you're you're processing grains and you know how to do this stuff how did you get the word out a where you just waiting for customers to show up and by flour grains i had a lot of help i put every tuesday was the food ads in the local paper and i put a to call them the mill is now running coming enjoy fresh stone ground whole wheat flour and i'm pretty good shouder i can yell it out pretty loud and make it work pretty well and channel to here came out with kathy smith and within two weeks of opening the mill i was on the evening news kathy saying the nicest things about love's rid mill and dan i could fill a parking lot in no time and people were buying your grains your oats you like your flowers just just coming in and buying buying all that stuff yeah but what else came in was we had a group of markets here called fred meyer.

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