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Which i think is real which is his mind matter issue. This coq nisshin the whole frame. What we've got so in other words a and the final point to make about this. Is i think that scientists brother talks about this testify. You know scientists actually quite rare in the science germain. You've got a lot of ancillary professions statisticians programmers engineers a lot of professions. That are around this whole domain actual scientists people who are worrying in this more fuzzy global less local way is increasingly rare. Right and i think about when you read all of a saxes. Little essay on darwin coming back from his travels and worrying about the sex of plants. It just exudes a kind of scientific curiosity and creativity that we simply do not promote in current science. And i think that philosophy in a way can be a counterbalance to that tendency if used properly. Well one of the motivations for my question is that. I think like a lot of people you know. Become became disillusioned with the specialties. That i was learning in and of course you have to do a very deep dive and learn a very specific skill set to become an expert at anything but this is a anti-theft to the overall drive to be renaissance person will say person these days renaissance person Which is what may be maps onto what you're calling a scientist john. And and so. That's what i'm wondering i. My question was about neuroscience and philosophy specifically but of course then you have to have circle back around and learn more mathematics and you have to circle back around and learn all sorts of different topics and what is the right path to maximize the probability of becoming the renaissance person that you want to be right to to be most efficient one more to that pole when i'm teaching medical students or residence on the wards for example and you see a patient. I tell them that you should peg. You're reading to what you just saw. So you just saw a patient with hemi parasitic. Now is the time to read about motor cortex if you have a patient with a headache..

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