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And. That's a great lesson. derailed. Direct to from. A great lesson when you think about any time, there's a paradigm shift in the technology or an awareness or when people awakened something like, Oh, I don't know safety. I'll be the freak out where we don't want to do that's happening in self driving cars exactly the the same mentality shares, but the technology of all. So people I ride in self driving car twenty years from now they'll remember the people speak in that same way the same way you would remember your dad saying I wouldn't wear a seat belt that taking my rights to be unsafe, right? That's right. It's a fascinating look when you look at something in in retrospect. So and that is what I wanted to do with the series because the car designer for what two decades Nissan Overall Subaru Honda and many many startups they nobody ever heard of yeah. Right. That era. Of Designers were my mentor. And so they taught me. On. Tom semple Thomas Tahoe funds all Biza. I could go on and on these these these these Jerry. Hershberg. These guys knew how to turn hers for we did a tribute to him though the late Greater Hershberg from the Nissan Studio that turned this into when it was just a bunch of renegades working out. It's almost like a garage. Maybe I'm overstating it but it was a it was pirates studio. They stole him from Buick or someplace big and and brought him out here and he created this free flowing free free thinking group of people at which you were one. I got to be a part of it in the two, thousand, two, thousand, ten, and I and I, always very grateful for that time what I loved about that time we did informed a lot of my design. And so you know want my job today is is perpetually looking forward now basically designed, but it was the era of a potentially the I'm going to argue the ugliest cars Americans ever made the pace came out of that period, the big giant Mercury's and the big of that bloated Chrysler that just went on and on and just a bulbous thing. These were not attractive cars. Beauty by. There are some some really strange things that happened in that area where they were trying to push things forward but they were can't up I think never you get that kind of innovation, get some kind of looming boards come out of it. Yeah. But same time. To me that era Because they were combining the sort of freedom of the muscle car era now, with you following technology and fuel embargo crisis looming on the rise in..

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