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It's like talk about staying power I, I am surprised to hear you guys both take any snow number one because if Congress Yankee. Around I I, I have no problem with somebody wants take Malcolm Brown I. But if you just follow what the reports were this off season that they're events are going to turn the job over to cam makers and the fact that he's still got fourteen carries in this game. Yeah. Being designed that they WANNA work him up and get him close to being ready to go to eventually take over. That job so I don't know how long Brown will be like this playing like this doing what he did. He was fantastic over four yards per carry like you said, three catches was great to see I don't think dialysis run defense is going to be very good. Especially vanish leaving the game. So if that's the best indication of how good he can be, we'll find out but I think Again, long-term is what you should be thinking as well as just week to, and so Malcolm Brown may not be the leading rusher for the rams for a several weeks span. long-term. I is it fair to say that hines has the clearest long-term outlet? Yes Okay And I basically. I mean is it fair to say Naim hines basically to Cohen maybe with more carries you know which is what we said that the be prior to the NFL draft. When they got filled rivers because he also. Yeah I guess. So they've said he's on pace for one hundred, twenty, eight catches. I've been saying all along seventy because he averaged fifty four catches in his first two years. So seventy was kind of the number I was looking at for him with Philip Rivers. I mean he may shatter that. It just as bad as it looked against Jacksonville he may shatter that well hopefully hopefully, it isn't that bad. Yeah Heinsohn. They played a couple of games without Marlin MAC. Last year hines had nine carries and one of those games he had four carries and a rushing touchdown. Another one of those games oddly enough you only had two catches in those games, but it's a different offense with the different quarterback who throws to his running back all the time. What James Robinson, who is roster and sixty nine percent of leagues is available. Where would you put him and I'll give Jamie's priorities again in art was Snell Hines Malcolm Brown Kelly in non PR was Snell. Brown hines Kelly if James Robinson is out there what do you do? I. I mean. He he he had a good game wasn't like. Blow your mind good game against the goals. But the fact that he had every every kid a cherry for the Jaguars and was involved in the passing game that shows you how much they like this kid and so We'll find out what they're gonNA eventually do with Mike while Armstead and Divino Zibo, you know when those guys are healthy and ready to go but there's a chance armstead may not play anytime soon and those Igbo who knows how that ankles GonNa you know recover. I think you're looking at Robinson as the guy for the Jaguars and the last couple of weeks you know once they got rid of four net that's all we've heard is how much they like this? What if Sony Michelle's available? He's sent rostered. Nah. I would put him behind I'd put behind all those other guys you know maybe have Kelly. If you need somebody to play right away just because you know he'll get guaranteed touches but I'd rather have. Kelly personally. Guys, is going to be a really tough week to set your priority. You're going to have so much foam. Oh, and they're going to be a ton of players that you want. Because you know in some of your leagues, a guy like James crowder might be available Daria Sleet and might be available even though they're roster and eighty percent of leagues right and then, and then there's the Paris Campbell in the viscous Chenault and there's Dallas Goddard and maybe you even want to Stream Logan Thomas this week and and all these running. Backs and then you've got Josh Adams of the world and the miles gaskins of the world where it's like, yeah, you know for gases. Okay. He's probably not going to be the dolphins starting running back. Maybe he will be as three solid games in a row for him dating back to last year respectable games. So players that sort of needs to be roster just to see where it goes. I don't know I mean we get a few weeks every year. What's like the waiver wire is loaded the waiver wires loaded right now isn't it? Now. It's Lee. The. Star quality wide receivers not there unless the guys that you mentioned are available around eighty percent range you know so. Anthony Miller's journals the Campbell's of the world they're not going to necessarily draw as much attention as the four running backs. We talked about daughter You know those those kinds of players because of what either they shown you in the past or the ability that they have after what you saw in week one. So that's the difference between those type of moves you could be making, but I do think you're going to see some scenarios week to and beyond you're like, Oh my God, I could have picked up Campbell or I could have picked up. For basically nothing and I missed on that because I didn't make a second waiver claim or third waiver claim or third FAB move to drop somebody who you may be hanging onto a and again, you don't want to overreact a week one. So you know like the guys that I listed to drop their some big name players there but you just have to sort of gauge which roster look like and what the upside versus the downside of some of these scenarios can be. And listen. We've a twitch stream tonight at eight o'clock pm. Eastern twitch..

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