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The mayor of Miami Dolphins I receive rigid keen grant he's one of the smallest dudes in the NFL at five foot six he signed a four year contract extension today for twenty four million dollars Terry that means he could be worth just write about three hundred and sixty four thousand dollars per inch if for him out one of the smallest and fastest dudes in the NFL and the next US technical spas sports we do today I guess some Justin Thomas sound as well yeah it's going to go back to work tomorrow going to work tomorrow Annie's four days from a fifteen million dollar pay day and he has a two shot lead what does he think about the format I've got that coming up for you next let's go to New York now citizens unibank Bloomberg money news hello Donna Wilson hello to you Terry here's what's happening on Wall Street you with stocks are posting gains the Dow some two hundred twenty two points as M. P. five hundred up twenty two the nasdaq climbing sixty four the Bloomberg global indexes up three quarters of our present the games today calm on the earnings news from target and Lowe's both retailers see higher profits ahead and the minutes of lance months bid policy meeting indicate the interest rate cut was what fed chair J. Powell said it once a mid cycle tweak not the start of a long campaign of cuts and just when you think they have robo calls under control watch out for robo tex the Wall Street journal reports is the latest trick from spammers to get you to share your information Federal Trade Commission counts more than ninety three thousand complaints about unwanted text messages last year that's up from seventy two thousand and twenty seventeen with the news radio way forty WHAS Bloomberg money every point on the on the Wilson Damian Wayne but to the appliances in the warehouses for ten with appliances drastically reduce the prices in August everything has to go to the with the plans.

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