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The second half, but I think they're what they did get out of him was some physical play and with Jacoby and with the mirror bird, they don't really have another guy. That's that physical so he did his job. Tonight. I mean it's not what you've drafted him in the first round for right? You know, you're not asking a first-round pick to just block it. I'm not having this conversation tonight. I swear bringing it up because brunch is now why you drafted the guy I get that but if he can do what he did tonight within the structure of this offense and that's a skill set that they could use that that's all it is. Yeah, and again, it doesn't mean that's all he'll ever be able to do. But again, there's always a little bit of excitement when he's out there cuz you're always wondering what if what what the game where he starts to kind of pop it open and just didn't seem like it was in the cards again. It's a nice it back in situation. Maybe the game didn't call for it. Again. You want to see him start to get involved in some way or another because you're going to need more than just again. The running game is great. You just need more options than just your Kobe Myers. You don't know if you're getting Edelman back Isaiah for it. I don't know if he did. He see the field. No, I don't think so. And and look look, I think the biggest thing is is that we can brag on the Keel. The people are doing that we can drag on the Keel we can say he's a bus we can say they should have drafted DK Metcalf off, bus, but a lot of those things are true about n'keal Harry, but at the end of the day with the depth chart they have at Wide Receiver right now. What do you want? Do you want n'keal Harry out there or do you want Gonna Roll out there? Right when they go 11 and they go three-wide. Do you want your top three wide receivers to include a gunner olszewski type or do you want them not even to be able to go three-wide cuz they don't have the depth there and when go too wide and they and they get into that Twenty-One personnel, which they rode for most of this game. He is an effective blocker. So that's all there is to it. He's a better blocker than Gunner. I don't think Gunnar is really making any money. Missing the open field or getting open with dynamic route-running or anything like that. So if you're going to pick gunner in that situation, then you're crazy. You're just you're talking crazy. I mean, it's it's fine, but it's just not at all accurate. Let me put you that.

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