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It's time once again check on the occupants of the those running for the presidency yes today focus on sure thing kilograms use the blonde lady straight hair kinda looks washed out on TV she she made a number of statements at the Washington post forum yesterday it's a no wonder the kilograms of a not on the Houston debate stage in September her support is tanking faster even than job like the support she began her conversation the talking was so she is well versed in but then she began to talk about stuff that she's not qualified for no background in and knows nothing about I know how to marshal Democrats and Republicans to Bob burns and get things done which is what everybody needs so I am a progressive but knows how to find the common ground to do things on a bipartisan basis now does she have a background in this finding bipartisan answers she does but here's your ram soldiers on she of the variable path ical stance she's the one who is pro NRA and very conservative when she was a Congress portions of became a senator and also has one eye I am now and always have been a flaming liberal get back to the clone card so talk.

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