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Len Walter the market is set to open a little bit higher this morning and a couple of minutes stabilizing after a slide yesterday that due to concerns that the follow up from the U S China trade dispute good he set to dominate the corporate earnings season in we could profitability. But right now, the Dow future forty-seven NASDAQ up ten SMP up two and a quarter. Initial releases today in a bumper day. A result showed Xerox rising nearly six percent ahead of the opening three. I'm getting two point eight the company's profit estimates Pfizer though, falling three point four percent. Wall Street sold off yesterday after Caterpillar and Invidia joined a growing list of companies to blame a slowdown in China for a grim forecast. November US metro area home prices went up by four point seven percent year over year, the latest since January two thousand fifteen according to this morning's SMP case Schiller report. When resorts executives turned a blind eye as Steve win over more than a decade was accused of sexually assaulting her harassing cocktail service Alon workers and flight attendants employed by his casino empire. This according to allegations contained in a regulator's report that the company agreed largely matches its own findings PG and E corporation filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy today. And it apparently looks to be a long and costly battle as it may bring little relief from legal troubles stemming from safety record, according to people getting ready to participate in that case. The Federal Reserve begins a two-day monetary policy meeting today after raising rates gradually last year. The central Bank is taking a wait-and-see approach to further tightening this in the face of overseas slow down, and of course, recent market volatility. Harley-davidson shares plunging nine percent had the open lower than.

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