Russian Government, Thompson, Dickson discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


What's the catch to me just lost just but still on the men's side secondseed novak djokovic defeated adrian marino in straight sets to advance to the quarterfinals the match was postponed yesterday after rafael nadal is epic lasted jill muller in four hours and forty eight minutes in major league baseball the allstar game is taking place today in miami florida boston's chris sale at washington's vasser's are are the starting pitchers in olympic news the international olympic committee voted tuesday in switzerland to simultaneously award the 2024 n twenty twenty eight summer games in september the only two cities in the running are los angeles and paris it's widely expected that paris will get the 2024 gains and la will be awarded the twenty twenty eight olympics i'm donna page that's your bloomberg nbc world sports update the mobile business news 24 hours a day on the radio mobile this is a bloomberg business flash i'm doug prisoner in new york seventeen past the hour here on daybreak asia mixed finish for the equity markets in the states and right now futures trading of in the pacific rim are mixed as well nikkei futures in chicago higher by around one tenth of one percent but we're seeing a weakness in futures for the sx 200 in sydney details on that coming up it's time now for the morning call vincent cigna rela is here here's reporter for bloomberg macro squawk eight vince thank you doug donald trump jr released emails he exchanged at a meeting with the russian lawyer last year that indicated the russian government looked backing his father's presidential campaign the news sparked an equity cell of which sudden into a drop in the dollar and gains in treasuries and gold stocks pared losses ending the session mixed with markets turning their focus to the upcoming earlyseason while wti futures extended gains but 45 seventy after api said to report a down in crude stocks of he point one three million barrels among the data head japan ppi australia westpac consumer confidence in dickson credit card purchases india cpi ny p south quay unemployment in money supply singapore retail sales in malaysia paeans manufacturing sales from live breaking macro newsdesk on thompson signal at all right many thanks fence and we're going to be looking at the pakistani equity market in a.

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