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After a while it wasn't enough to research what we were eating or the jews of egypt where eating because i was wondering how they fitted in with the rest of the middle east i knew i could only deal with the middle east at that time or i only wanted to that's still a huge task to deal with the middle east it was and so it became a passion i mean when my children were at school or nursery i would go to the library and read up the history and so when i went to the british library i ask them for any books on our food everyone was thirteen century there was no contemporary book on arab food in the british library they usually have everything after years of research and begging for recipes a book of middle eastern food was published in nineteen sixty eight it reads a little like a memoir as much about the stories of the people in it and what they've lost as the food closure opens the book by explaining it's the fruit of the nostalgic lungs for and delighted savoring of a food that was the constant joy of life in a world so different from the western one i really tried to put all the recipes that i could possibly find it and it was as though they had to be recorded and but that's a risky approach for a cook that he wants all the recipes to be perfect well at the time my obsession was to record and actually in some cases they're not such a good food dish and sometimes i just say it's an acquired taste means you might not like it but why put in all these stories is that when i was collecting recipes a lot of people were telling me jokes and stories and i just felt maybe if people read all this they will feel the food might be interesting because in britain people didn't really want to eat anything that came from the middle east at that time it sounded disgusting to them the idea of the middle east because already they had been at war but also the countries had been their colonies and they despise them but also wendy english at the time traveled the english in egypt would never eat anything local the earn food and even i remember reading about those who went to discover the to.

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