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The funniest thing I've ever seen. What happened? I mean, I just kept going without even knowing I'm going I like that. We're making fun of you as you were going on about it on, Can you? Can you encapsulate your story and 30 seconds? Because we don't want you to go another five minutes. Well as I was saying, Oh, I was so rudely interrupted by yourself. Back in, though he owned this restaurant and one day I went there for cocktails and Angus came running in and he was just he was so Excited because he's the biggest Bob Dylan fan on the planet, and Bob Dylan was apparently down the street on 44th Street, where there's some recording studios, Bob Dylan was making some obscure album that no one's ever heard it before. And Bob Dylan used to wear these big floppy hats and sunglasses, so no one would recognize him because he's kind of reclusive weirdo, and Angus recognized him with a big floppy hat in the sunglasses. He says. You're Bob Dylan, aren't you and Dylan here? Hold his sunglasses down and he looked at Angus. He said, Thanks, man. Anyone on his way? And that was so meaningful to my friend Angus. Bob Dylan actually said thanks, man. Now I don't get I mean I'm not a celebrity whore. Unless I can, you know, use them to get a good restaurant. You only mention them every two seconds who you can, but But, you know, just I guess it's me. Bob Dylan is meaningful for a lot of people. Yeah, right, Natalie, because no, absolutely. And I can't imagine your friend. You know, that definitely meant something to him When you Really? Especially musician if you feel their music, and then you get to meet them in person. I mean, hopefully that wasn't you know, disappointed Once, but well, when I was a kid, I met Ray Conniff. And that was exciting. Remember Ray Conniff, the Ray Conniff singers? Well, all I have to say is the few times that we've had Dionne Warwick gone. You've all had, like a two year old. Oh, my God. Uh, Dion. I mean, exactly. Dion is my Bob Dylan. I have to say. I would not like it was just you of not, you know, you didn't even bother you, which was surprising to me. Remember when I said they're Dionne Warwick. I said you remember when I met you a Clive Davis's house, and she said, No, no idea. Very memorable. Now look at you. Please queue up some Ray Conniff music because I just want to explain to the audience that how that made such an impression on my God. And who wouldn't it make an impression on Really great stuff. I got to say this about Ray Conniff. Okay, so I'm a kid growing up in the seventies upstate New York and remember eight track tapes. That was the big thing back then a trash herbs. At eight track tape player, eight track tape player in your car, and my parents had all of the Ray Conniff singers all those eight track tapes. So whenever I hear right fun house you grew up in my parents have been similar. Uh, Michael, when I When I first started my my career, When I first started my career in radio, I was at a little radio station in Saratoga Springs called wk AJ named after the guy who owned it. And we played Ray Conniff all the times. I hated that music. I need not. You know, I was a rock guy I had to play Ray Conniff. And listen to the solids. Okay, Mr Rock. How much and you like Bob Dylan, Mr Rock. He's all right. Ross's bullet, It's folk. Well, I don't know about that. It's kind of rock and folk old combined rock tax. Many rules. You know, you're right. He's don't break out of the way before we get into trouble here..

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