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In Williamsburg when news on four twenty four lawyers representing accused by France terrorists and fellow St Paul one prosecutors to reveal the contents of intercepted calls between their client another isis supporters were into reported oppose the defense argued in court documents that the government must make a choice between the death penalty or secrecy prosecutors counter they don't plan to present the wire taps the trial so they shouldn't have to share them with the defense a friend of accused Dayton Ohio shooter Connor bats as been arrested first one even program reports it's not directly related to the attack that left nine people dead federal authorities say a man who allegedly helped Conner beds could face fifteen years in prison prosecutors say bets his friend eaten collie purchase the body armor bets is airing during the shooting Cali also allegedly purchased and stored one hundred round ammunition drum and a component for bats is god is so say there's no indication that Ali knew better the charges collie is now facing unrelated to the mass shooting for lying on a federal gun form when he purchased his own guide that fire forty one shots in fewer than thirty seconds with a high capacity rifle in one hundred round drum magazines seventy four degrees with some showers this morning we'll see some more rain this afternoon to with a high near eighty wins news time for twenty five your battery goes dead everything could come to a stop don't take a chance on getting stranded stockpile Reilly.

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