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Already 125,000 are hospitalized and Dr A lock Patel, ABC News Medical contributor, says there are fears of a health care system collapsed. We're already hearing reports that hospitals are coming up with protocols for how to ration care. Just really scary to think about the fact that with another search, we could be absolutely at the brink and I hate to say this, but out there collapsed in certain parts of the country. The U. S soared past 350,000 deaths from covert 50,000 coming in the last 19 days. President elect Biden's camp calls it irrefutable proof of a president pressuring an official of his own party to get him to overturn the result of the election. The outgoing president heard in the recorded phone call between Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffles Burger, first reported by the Washington Post would want to have an accurate election. And you're a Republican. We believe what we do have an accurate election. No, I know you. No, no, no. You know you don't have you don't have not even plus. He plays through a whole syriza of the bunk conspiracy theories, many of which have been dismissed in court. You hear the secretary of State of Georgia, a loyal Republican whom the president has been close to in the past, I say know your facts are wrong. That can't happen. That cannot happen. Point by point. He's refuted. President Trump does not appear to give up. He keeps going. He's going. He's going at one point just says All I need is to find the votes. Congress meets Wednesday to certify Biden's win. There are Republicans in both chambers will object and force a vote on certification expected to fail control of the U. S. Senate at stake into runoff elections in Georgia tomorrow. The states to GOP senators facing challenges The Republican Party needs to win just one of those two seats to retain power in the upper chamber of Congress. You're listening to ABC News. Okay.

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