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In those so the pathway we've got a black shirt that breaks down to the about me so yeah yeah that's a little it's a white teacher we had too much clothing he had he had one of those vinyl sweat suit Hey what generated I I yeah I think those he's not ready for that I told you you know I could tell it was a little humid already and that was something different vertically in the night so it'll it'll it'll tricky if you if you not not used to it well you know you are talking about a a no Florida lease on the helmet you know he's still got their name tags put from their hill with no matter how many you know years you played you still have like latam Ford Purnia you helmets are what whatever the player might be you know gray you look at it so you know that's doubly gonna come off coke right now to get the Viking so you know they still would trainee Campbell were you trying to keep him humble as a player but with that no Florida Lee and when I was in a name tag on the on the part of their home about you do you know what to do that and it's not just because I'm a one of the reasons I can't remember the numbers what does that that's part of the reason but it's not the players but every practice they have discounts that come out as well and so when the scouts are down on the sideline discounts don't know you know some of the guys as far as the new guys in their number so that's a way for them to be able to see that name and they they they can identify a little quicker than that I mean even sometimes they don't even have the full roster as far as the scouts so that you know instead of just remember the number they can see their names as far as on the help you know what if your scout you see number nine and you got to read breeze on the top of his head you're fired now it's a little different when you see not trying to keep everybody on the same playing field you know and at Andrews humble enough to accept that that's not why Bob that's not why so wide it but why do you have breezes name on his helmet I mean they have not the other players that's what that's what I'm saying it's a good communist is socialism everybody's the same he got away name on you help with you in the know prefer Donna.

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