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Yes and you're maybe you're on a budget maybe can't afford rana vat there's some ones that i wanted to shout out from target so have you ever heard pacifica they're kind of i don't know how old of brand they are but they're cruelty free brand they have a rose flower which you might not like hydro for ten dollars and then there's mario badescu that alta british or you can get a sephora and his seven dollars he's got aloe herbs he's got all kinds of different colors and different sense so that's one you could check out for relatively affordable have you heard of this a brand called the ordinary yeah everybody loves them yeah i wanna try it i've never tried their stuff you know what if they don't that's crazy because they have everything so maybe they do let's get on that ordinary man i know i heard about this caffeine ice because again the puffiness yes puffy yes i don't have that but it has come up on this pod before yeah well come on ordinary through i know y'all are listening why don't you tell everybody real quick about crazy rich asians just a little bit about i know it's a few months out but i yeah i'm so i'm so excited i'm very very excited you know it's our black panther asian peoples like and it's about time it's about time i read that it's the first major hollywood film featuring all asian cast since nineteen ninety three's the joy club that was the last time.

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