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Nathan what they've chats movies okay not spoiling anything they they go on wolverine the first thing that the movie the girl from atlanta please donald glover's her name is as he beats she plays domino she looks greatness movie wow she she kinda steals the show as domino she's doping josh brolin who we just talked about as thanos he plays cable great character this is is way better than the first one to me and it also has the best after credit scene in any comic book movie ever comic movies you're gonna love the in credit scenes it kind of sets a lot of stuff straight i'll let you go but why in the like a few months ago they were saying like the early viewing that's her that's the test screening terrible reviews but i think that may have been just plant story together oh got it 'cause everybody screening end when i saw yesterday everybody loved because i heard everybody's ms sane is good so i was like so why does they were saying and it says screen is that it was served i got i just sit as you was talking i was just sitting here thinking about today pool one i have to watch it again before i get my opinion and this is why if i'm not mistaken i seen the first day pool boob lee okay and you know how when i say bootleg i mean like the bay over you know how bad bootlegs take away from the movie and what happened was i was at somebody house in day was watching it and i end up seeing the movie and i was like this joining but i was sitting here thinking i'm like damn i gotta actually watch it again i think it was fair.

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