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And i don't see anybody that's getting like i said putting anything out there against it it's a renewal of attacks so it's not an increase other than still wanna see seven years ago when this was put in front of the in front of the voters they said seven year. You get you get this for seven years. So they say it's a renewal and it really is a tax like it's a new tax. You know so I is the increase property tax from the new houses and the increase in value. Is that enough for greeley to maintain and do the new roads that are needed without this tax. I think that's pretty complex. I i when i say that my my initial and i think i'm the average voter. I i think the average voter. I don't know. I think this will pass hands down. I don't think there's any no. I think it'll pass. Gosh she does who wants to drive their car across a rough road and if you look at what's in two in the amount of money that is in that it is almost insane and you look at the cost of of concrete. You look at the cost of asphalt. Then you gotta bid to do the front parking lot of of our shop and it was forty two thousand dollars and it wasn't very it wasn't a lotta asphalt over top forty two thousand bucks but well we're gonna run out here pretty shortly and Catch some news some weather and It's been fun filling in this first hour. You are listening to noko now on thirteen. Ten k k and we're also on the fm. Dial one oh three point one. We'll be back in a flash..

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