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D.C. department of public works the good news is that there's plenty of salt and brine on hand We're focusing right now on the main thoroughfares to ensure that we make them passable and then we'll work our way into the residentials In the district Kate Ryan WTO being news New tonight former theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has been convicted on four counts of wire fraud and conspiracy ending a lengthy trial that had captivated Silicon Valley The jury found her not guilty of four other felony charges on the three remaining charges the jury deadlocked Holmes was a once celebrated entrepreneur accused of duping investors and patients about a flawed blood testing technology that she had hailed as a medical breakthrough She now faces up to 20 years in prison on each count The decision confirms what multiple media investigations documentaries and podcasts have reported over the past 6 years that Holmes knowingly misled investors into thinking her blood testing technology worked NASA is explaining what caused a loud boom that shook the ground in Pittsburgh The blast was from a meteor as it broke apart on New Year's Day NASA data estimates the energy released was equivalent to 30 tons of TNT The speed of the meteor was about 45,000 mph with the size about a yard in diameter and a mass close to half a ton the experts say if the weather wasn't cloudy in Pittsburgh on New Year's Day the boom would have been visible in the daytime sky with about 100 times the brightness of the full moon People around the south hills area of Pittsburgh reported hearing a loud noise and feeling their home shaking and rattling I'm Ed Donahue A new year brings a new month of entertainment time now for your January entertainment guide.

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