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Kind of like me I'm white and gigli Can I get Tom Tom. Douglas she didn't make he's saying about you anyway I'm a big. Fan of the hash. Brown and the the eggs in a, nice story I like to. Be like. A classic a good piece. Of bread that's not I don't wanna white. Bread I don't want none. Of these mushy bread I. Want a good piece Although seldom bread that's nice league real that wanted. To be nicely doc doc doc grill and, then, jammer no jam jam jam but good Jenner. No, waste of jam I don't if it's a little Pat on the table I'm not very I don't need to, eat data that freezer, gymnasts but? I like good jam you know I I. Love my Africa German home from extra fruit in it you get. The big chunks of. Africa wool man that job does never, ever last very long oh. I forgot. To mention the one thing. That I love when I go out to. Breakfast at like at diner A pancake to share for the table Yeah but you know I like. I like, a little a little bite I mean there's tons of good stuff over good waffle if you can make a good waffle with some blueberry and, a little whip cream after my. Eggs you can have. Like, a dessert, I like that too yeah so chef let's. Go back to you for. One second so you've set all this you have to go to your own restaurant to get this the way you want it or place, that you like to go for breakfast Cook it Over this like he's the best cook in the. Whole, central oh, let's just I cook what I want it is though in terms of if you, can hook I'm, just teasing but isn't there any place that could cook well enough? For you To the Hudson that was delicious we had a great. Little breakfast. I just wanted to. Make sure that you could get your breakfast somewhere where. You didn't have to queue Tom I, will not wait outside forty five minutes for table from branch on Sunday was dude Cup of coffee. In the rain that guy I, can't do that sometimes I like to think the way? As an opportunity so let's. Say you're in west Seattle you, wanna go to my own Ofer branch because you want to eat that fried chicken or whatever, it's going to be a weight but when's the last time you've been to west. Seattle you walk that farmers market if it happens, to be Sunday you go to the beer junction. You, visit some other shops that same with Ballard you know it's busy street on the weekends there, things to do, so support your local economy figure out a way explore new neighbor Yeah no I mean, I can't see that okay Tom I know we only? Have two minutes left and. I eat a lot of breakfast, I end up for kind of hesitant say trashy because people don't quite understand what I mean, by that always me when I say trashy it's trashy good right so coconut cooker, or something like that, trashy good right So for, my kind of, trashy. Breakfast where I just want to be. A Patty, sausage Bureaus in Ballard great Nick is an a. Cool guy he's under forever and I've been going there. Since Loretta was born at Ballard we have the hospital with her in. Our little thing we went to have breakfast. With my little car thing on the table and so and then for a nice breakfast I'm not going to promote my own, joints because I love them but for an interesting. Breakfast. I would say I think the. Fat is it. The fact that seventieth love that little place it's so cute. To have a line though yeah so I only I. Drive by kind of scope it out see if there's a line and. Then I and then you've got a very No generally there's a, line there but, I love that little place because they're trying some new things rain the last. One I had there I think I even. Talked, about it on the show was like a cinnamon toast with. Lardo on top for breakfast okay holy smokes, okay we see you we see Bugged out of. My head But so I, like I like being challenged but typically people don't like, to be challenged that breakfast. They have what they want you have an idea when, they? Walk, in the door right yeah So Mike. Dinner you might be Mike get people other than stick a good breakfast is really. Delicious it's a great way to stop. Today doesn't matter what it is talking about breakfast for another thirty. Minutes I love. It I will say outside of my trashy breakfast like Veras I go to, most? Right, yeah right now fresh fruit and yogurt is a good. Idea actually when my daughter was going to sass up on the, Bill he's just drop her at school drive right down. Twelfth you. Ready And boom start your day food in the. News, when we come back our friend Jonathan gold has passed going, to miss his writing terribly on KIRO radio ninety seven, three FM Seattle.

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