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He's not the originator of a lot of this but he is the loudest and he's not wrong he's absolutely right and he's reached a whole new audience With his voice. And i think it's fantastic and you're seeing on a global level. The world's really has listens and adapted marketing strategies based on a lot of things that he says and he's a hundred percent right and there are thousands in thousands of markers who follow that you what he says in her having a lot of success and you just you gotta earn it. I think that's the big thing everybody wants to easy way out. They once You know the magic pill whether you're to lose weight or you know some sort of silver bullet and in with marketing like weight loss. There isn't necessarily one you do have to put the work in for you. Just can't buy your way out of it necessarily but when you do you also get great success and he can do all that in abide by these privacy laws that seeing you know across the world so in x marketing as well as privacy if somebody starting up the business and they want to establish a list off. Get to their blinds. What do you tell them. Because some people feel like stock like This privacy. I gotta do anything on them. Start a business. There are people like that. Who staying on the fence and not getting into the water. So what do you tell them. If somebody is just setting business how do they create a list. The best advice that we give people is content. Marketing content is king create a bunch of content and give it away and what i mean by. That is the typically. We always like to start off with a blog. But if you're the type of person that you're like. I don't like to write content. I'd rather create videos. I'd rather do what we're doing here and create a podcast right. Those are all different forms of content. Take the time to do it. And put the content out there right because over time. You're building up a following. Your people are hopefully in checking out the content that you're producing because it's valuable to them and then ryan mentioned a lead magnet. Give away ten twenty thirty articles that are useful in the industry and then have a form on them. That says if you'd like the more indepth white paper or guide or e book or whatever it is fill out this form. And i'll go ahead and email it to you right so now you're trading something of value. You're giving them more content that sort of behind the scenes that's going to be value to them all you're asking for it for that. Content is their email address..

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