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Based in brooklyn new york last year he and co director rob frontman completed a feature documentary called the cat rescuers tells the story of for volunteers who hit the streets of brooklyn day and night just say feline lived through ten are ended options the cat rescuers premiered in october two thousand eighteen at the hamptons international film festival one dissolved the pennzoil award for giving voice to the voiceless it's now available for community screenings around the uss through tug dot com and also directly through the filmmakers save i'd like to welcome you to the show thank you stacey it's good to be back yes so for those listeners that have just tuned into the community kept podcast recently steve was on the show maybe a couple of years ago almost a couple of year and a half ago or so folks if you're interested in finding out how the documentary got started it's beginning works feel free to go to the community cats podcast dot com and click on are search bar and you could put in cat rescuers or you put in the name steven or lawrence in his show will come right up and you can listen to that but today's show we're gonna be doing some catch up and finding out how things have been going with the film in what's new so steve let me know what's going on well beginning april first we've had screenings around the u s community screenings and as you mentioned and at the beginning of the podcast rescue groups shelters and others who care about cats can book the film one way to do it is through eight theatrical on demand service called tug t g g dot com any other way is directly through the filmmakers if you go to our website which is cat rescuers film dot com you can find out how to book a screening an are intention with the film was to make something that would help raise awareness about trap scooter return end adoptions an were were very pleased that as we've been rolling out the filter community screenings it's being embraced by lots of rescue groups all across the country so far we've had screenings in portage indiana deanna cincinnati and dayton ohio greenville south carolina san diego their upcoming screenings in grand rapids michigan fort collins colorado brooklyn new york it's all over the place phoenix minnesota a many other places so we're delighted in each of those locations a rescue group is organizing screenings and that means that they're able to use it for education about ten an orange adoptions and also for fundraising of which is critical i mean the one of the points of the film makes is that most of the work that's being done to help street cats pharaoh in the band in cats is done on a volunteer basis and and the hundreds of rescue groups around the country that are doing this work need to sustain themselves i couldn't agree with you more i mean in the brooklyn area view tend to be somewhat blessed by having access to their ass pch program but that certainly doesn't cover everything for all cats but it is a great opportunity in the new york area and there are also some organizations across the country where they have affiliations relationships with clinics that may have grant money and they can do to ten are free but they're certainly by far the mass majority individuals are paying to get the community cats spayed or neutered and that's a huge cost and a huge burden and expense and if there's anything that can be done and help raise money to be able to afford more surgeries or help at forty four more care are more food more supplies that's all the better for everyone right well we can't say the things have gotten better in brooklyn new york city overall because we still don't have any direct financial support any government support pretend are there is an issue with that because of the new york state agricultural law that's very old the nineteenth century law that prohibits it's state funding to return in injured animals to the community just strange law but it has prevented direct funding of t n r but anyway it's it's certainly different in other communities but what were finding is that the message of the film resonates even though this is a film about a big urban place brooklyn you know i just got an email this morning from a viewer in san diego saw it last site and she said so great not only forgetting the story out there but just how beautifully the film was made a great mix of humor and seriousness an education and i think that's the point about the film this is a very emotionally engaging engaging shell the rescuers are really wonderful complex admirable characters who are out there doing the kind of work that you're listeners understand very well it's really tough requires a lot of stamina and resilience lance and a good sense of humor is you're gonna keep at it so the stories of are for rescuers in brooklyn i think are similar to the stories hundreds probably thousands and thousands of stories around the country of people who were doing the same work so they see themselves in the film we hope and we hoped at the film helps raise awareness in their own communities about what it takes to do this kind of work and also why and how ten or is effective you know i know from from my own experience on the block where my wife and i lives in brooklyn that people were ignorant they just they didn't know what to do with feral cats they set up because they love animals and they wanted to make sure that they were nourished but they kept procreating and nobody knew what to do and eventually because some of us on this block learned about t n are we were able to raise awareness among our neighbors were trapped over forty cats and there hasn't been a getting which is amazing population is controlled it's healthy you know the cats other colonies and they have their feeders and that's kind of be ideal scenario but obviously it doesn't work that way everywhere and it's certainly can't work unless people know what to do they confined services whether they're volunteer rescue groups are you know spe cpa's that provide these services so anyway that's what we try to do with the film and we're hopeful that it will have significant impact over time as dozens of communities get to see.

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